Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Accomplishments

For the past few days, it is raining all over the country because the cold front is stuck over Japan. Yesterday morning, the probability of rain was 90%. However, I saw bright sunshine whole afternoon. Strangely, this sunsine encouraged me a lot :) I sometimes believe in probability and give up before trying something, but this shows the hope! Am I over the top?!

Today I will list the rest of my accomplishments this month.

On 8/12, I won My AJI award at Ajinomoto's rice bowl recipe contest using their umamichomiryo. Umamichomiryo is the seasoning that makes the food tasty. It is made of amino acid, which is the tasty flavor of tangle (an edible seaweed). My winning recipe is "Sausage and Vegetable Bowl". I used umamichomiryo to bring out the flavors of sausage and vegetables I used.

On 8/18, my "Japanese Spice Stir-Fried Beef, Mushrooms, and Asparagus" won the prize. The contest was held by Mercian (brewer) and they asked for the recipe that you can enjoy at home with their wines called uchigochi.

On 8/25, I won the outstanding performance award at Not the grand prize again... :( They asked for recipes to fight metabolic syndrome and help beat the summer heat. My award winning recipe is "Herb Chicken And Grapefruit Chirashizushi". I used grapefruit because it contains a fat-burning ingredient and it's sour taste goes well with sushi vinegar!

Then on 8/29, my "Mango Yogurt Soy Milk Mousse" was introduced at the very bottom of this page. I didn't win the prize though.

Yesterday evening, I left the gym ealier and that was right! It rained like cats and dogs for few hours when I got home!!! The forecast says the rain continues until tonight or tomorrow. I need to be careful.

I gotta go now.
Have a good weekend ;)

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