Friday, August 1, 2008

When Do You Wash Your Fruits and Vegetables?

This morning I realized my goya has gotten moldy...
It was on sale this week and I bought it on Monday... only a few days ago :(
It sometimes happens if I don't wash before I refrigerate.

When do you wash your fruits and vegetables?
I sometimes do wash before I store in the refrigerator if I think I won't be able to use them for a few days. By the way, I never wash greens until I am ready to eat them.

Some people say that by washing them, you can remove harmful substances or putrefactive bacteria and block the oxidation process! However, some people say vitamins will run out by washing and lower the freshness...
I couldn't find out what is right or wrong by searching the net, but I think I'd better wash depending on the situation.

Recently, I realized some dish soap have direction for washing fruits and vegetables on their packages: dilute 0.5tbsp of dish soap with 1000cc water. Sounds weak though... Anyway, I use dish soap sometimes.

Today I had an interview after work. Then I had a plan to join my co-workers at a beer garden but I didn't... because today was one of those days! I missed a train in the morning and evening, and couldn't finish my work on time because of my supervisor's long story, so I thought I'd better stay at home...

Anyway, I'm drowsy now.
Time to go to bed!
Have a nice weekend!!!

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  1. I use dish soap too to clean vegetable.

    It is actually similar to what salad packaging company does.

    I think what they do is soak wash with diluted detergent waster...

    then, after rinsing,
    they will soak vegetable with really diluted chlorine water.

    After that, they will do packaging.

    I skip chlorine part:)
    But, if you want to preserve it for long time, you should :)

    I tend to wash my salad vegetable, so I don't get bug(sick).

  2. Hi Ochi,

    I don't always wash vegetables and fruits right away. But I do use a fruit and vegetable wash called Fit!

    You can purchase here at Giant Eagle, and Shop-n-Save! I think dish soap does a good job too. I use on cantalope sometimes.

    I noticed not only with fruits and vegetables, but with meat, and cheese that you can't keep for long. Sometimes I think it's the preservatives, and radiation added to our meat. Makes me not want to eat it.

    Glad I have a garden, no preservatives added! I freeze all my vegetables fresh! Have a good weekend too!

  3. Hi Hide-san!

    Sounds like I should use dish soap, since you say you use!!!

    But I'm surprised about the packing company...
    Detergent waster?! Chlorine water?! Sounds like a swimming pool...
    Of course, chlorine part should be skipped at home!
    You don't want to go through chemical experiment before eating... Just my imagination though...

    This morning, j:com is coming. Our landlord has decided to install it in our home. But they are not coming! And my boyfriend is staying out all night, not coming back... gee...

  4. Hi jo!!!

    100% Natural sounds safe and great! How did you find that?!

    Yes. Dish soap I guess is for thick skin fruits and vegetables. I will look for the soap like Fit when I shop at a supermarket the next time! There should be something similar in Japan, too!!!

    Right! I want to have my garden someday!!!
    But I just wonder if I can be a good farmer like you...

  5. Ah, cable TV came to your apartment.
    Hope you will get many channel/

    (The Fit}, jo mention is essentially sodium lauryl sulfate.

    Which is another type of surface active agent... popular to use for cleaning many thing mechanical...

    For common daily use, it is
    frequently used in dental paste as well as car wash detergent(do not use car wash soap to clean vegetable though :) it contain other nasty extra to clean car).

    Other active ingredient are natural origin. And sodium lauryl sulfate is benign type of surface active agent, consider safe to put it in mouth if it is minute amount.

    But them it is also true for many of dish detergent :)

    They balanced alkaline with some amount of citric acid and another citric origin oil...

    I guess claim of natural came from that usage of citric origin ingredient.

    As for anti germ property, it use minute amount of ethanol.
    Citric Acid also decrease number of germ with out breaking Vitamin.

    You can substitute with either chlorinates water or other hard liquor :) or even ozone water.

    Overall, (Fit) is very easy good package to clean vegetable.

    Since you do not need to know the chemistry to clean vegetable :)

  6. Hi Hide-san!

    You always know things very well!!!
    Thanks! It was educational ;)
    But as usual... too hard for me to understand... hmm...
    I just hope I won't be eating something harmful.

    Yesterday, I washed green peppers before I store in the refrigerator :)
    Hope they won't spoil.


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