Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kit Kat Flavors

Hi! It is again sunny here in Tokyo :)

This morning, I bought a watermelon flavored Kit Kat on the way to work at a convenience store. Yes. I bought it on impulse near the cashier. On the package it says that it has a slight salty flavor. I was just curious to try it out...

In fact, Nestle Japan produces the Kit Kat in many unique flavors for a limited time only. I will list what they had this year!

2008/06 double berries (cranberry and strawberry)
2008/06 triple berries (cranberry, blueberry, and strawberry)
2008/06 cherry
2008/05 mango
2008/05 brown sugar
2008/05 azuki bean
2008/04 banana
2008/04 kinako (soybean flour)
2008/03 soy sauce
2008/03 green tea
2008/03 pudding
2008/02 mandarin orange
2008/01 gianduja
2008/01 tea

I remember they once had a pumpkin flavor and that was terrible...
I got sick... I'm serious!

Well... the watermelon wasn't that bad! But one is enough! Ha-ha!!!
Just to have a break, Kit Kat would be nice ;)
I enjoyed my snack today!

Tomorrow, I will be interviewed by a TV station. I hope I can do my best!

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