Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kit Kat Flavors

Hi! It is again sunny here in Tokyo :)

This morning, I bought a watermelon flavored Kit Kat on the way to work at a convenience store. Yes. I bought it on impulse near the cashier. On the package it says that it has a slight salty flavor. I was just curious to try it out...

In fact, Nestle Japan produces the Kit Kat in many unique flavors for a limited time only. I will list what they had this year!

2008/06 double berries (cranberry and strawberry)
2008/06 triple berries (cranberry, blueberry, and strawberry)
2008/06 cherry
2008/05 mango
2008/05 brown sugar
2008/05 azuki bean
2008/04 banana
2008/04 kinako (soybean flour)
2008/03 soy sauce
2008/03 green tea
2008/03 pudding
2008/02 mandarin orange
2008/01 gianduja
2008/01 tea

I remember they once had a pumpkin flavor and that was terrible...
I got sick... I'm serious!

Well... the watermelon wasn't that bad! But one is enough! Ha-ha!!!
Just to have a break, Kit Kat would be nice ;)
I enjoyed my snack today!

Tomorrow, I will be interviewed by a TV station. I hope I can do my best!

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  1. I never knew they had different flavors of Kit Kat. My husband and daughter love the regular chocolate ones. I'm a dark chocolate lover, dove dark chocolate is my favorite! Wow many flavors did you try any of them? I think I would like the berry ones, banana, cherry, and orange. Especially if mixed with dark chocolate!

  2. Water Melon flavor... how interesting...

    Speaking of pumpkin flavor, they sometimes have it during Halloween... in the US.

    I wonder, if it is taste same as Japanese variety... might worth to compare it :) or may be not.

  3. Hi jo!

    Japanese snacks are kind of complicated! Many manufacturers have a lot of different kinds of flavors and etc. for a limited time only. So to answer your question, I have just tried the watermelon, pumpkin and gianduja! Gianduja was pretty good but was little expensive since it was a premium type! The others, I didn't even have a chance to see them at a store!!!

    Did you see me?! I just had a DOVE Sugar Free Rich Dark Chocolates with Chocolate Creme which I bought in NY :) Those are great! I have them in my desk drawer at work to eat to relieve stress!

  4. Hello Hide-san!

    Yes! I remember I saw the pumpkin flavor at a drug store when I lived there! I haven't tried it though... But I believe it won't taste the same!!!

    Have you ever compared the regular ones? Those are totally different! Can't you get Japanese Kit Kat at Daido?


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