Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today, the high is 82F (28C) but we have nice fall weather. This morning, I enjoyed walking to the train station in a gentle breeze :)
I hope the weather stays the same for long.

Turn of the seasons can also be seen in the restaurant menus. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I had kamameshi at izakaya! Kamameshi is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot with various kinds of meat, seafood, and vegetables. We had a kamameshi with ikura (salmon roe) and salmon, which are in season now!
The image is from Kamadoka.

The other day we had "Kamameshi Paella". I think that was creative!

Actually kamameshi is eaten through the year, but the best is fall!

You know what!? Kamatora is one of my favorite delivery services. They specialize in kamameshi delivery and deliver the set meal like seen in the right image, which is cool! You first enjoy eating the flavored rice, then you pour dashi broth and eat it like ochazuke!

Hmm... I'm getting hungry.

We have a good appetite in autumn. We call it "shokuyoku no aki".
I need to be careful not to eat too much!!!

Okay, see you again :)

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  1. Hi Ochi

    Wow,everything seem delicious in Japan.Really many dishes there.I wish I was there too to enjoy the food.

    I really likes Japanese food too.Every time my boyfriend and I went out,I always suggest Japanese restaurant.

    Like you said,be careful..don't eat too much.Later will get fat.Me too...hahaha

  2. Wow, I like your blog. Thank you for posting recipes. I really like salmon and salmon eggs. I most like "mentaiko".

  3. Ohayo Ochisan,

    Kamameshi sounds like a great dish!
    Like I told you before I miss eating fresh salmon!

    Does Kamatora even give you the dishes and tea pots? I love Japanese soup too. I have to make shitake mushroom soup! Yes Autumn is the perfect time for soups!

  4. Hello jose!

    Your boyfriend is funny!
    Just reminded me of your post ;)
    How far is he going to be from KL?

    There is unagi (eel) kamameshi, too!
    You would love it!!!

  5. Hello Para!

    Thanks for your comment.
    You live in Saipan? I wasn't sure, so I am writing here...
    Yes. Mentaiko is delicious! Goes great with white rice for bento ;)

  6. Ohayo jo!

    I wish you could try raw fish here in Japan!

    >>Does Kamatora even give you the dishes and tea pots?
    Good question!
    I forgot to mention it, but we need to return those.
    The deliverer will pick them up the next day or late in the evening if you put them outside the front door!
    Sushi delivery is the same, too. We need to return sushi dishes.

    Shitake is in season now! Oops. I need to use my shitake in the fridge!!! Thanks jo!

  7. Hello Ochi San.
    I really love your blog,food is so delicious.

    thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Ochi

    He will be very far from KL..if travel by bus,need around 6 hours to south of Malaysia,Singapore.

    I think he will not back KL often too.

  9. Hello Daba!

    Oh. Shall I call you Mehon like Merce?
    Thanks for stopping by!
    I never get tired of eating Japanese food, you know :)

  10. Hello jose!

    6 hours are distance!
    Don't you feel lonely?
    You are a bright person, so I believe you can get through though.

  11. Hi Ochi

    I will be facing long-distance relationship..I never believe in this.I'm not a bright person either.

    What should I do??I need some advice.

  12. Hi jose!

    You know what!? I followed my boyfriend from NY to Japan. I was going to get on with my career in NY for more years but somehow I changed my mind.

    I think the best is to do whatever you think right!

    I never thought about coming back to Japan in this way, but everything will work itself out, you know.

  13. Hello,
    This dish is so beautifully presented and looks delicious.
    I would love to pass an award to you just come to my site and claim it, here is the link and display on your blog!!!

  14. Thank you nazarina!

    This dish is taken by pro, not me... but thanks for passing me the award! Gorgeous!!! I just displayed it :)


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