Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kitchen Scale

Today, we have nice fall weather again.

Last Thursday, my kitchen scale broke. I accidentally dropped on the floor and the needle got damaged :( I had used this for more than 5 years so I was kind of shocked. To tell the truth, I wanted to get a new "digital one" someday, but at this moment I don't think I can throw the broken one away... By looking carefully, I can tell where it points, so I used it for a week in that way. However, it is obviously inefficient.

I guess it is time to change.

Oops. I'm getting drowsy again.
Bye for now...

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  1. Hi!
    I think you've got a reason to buy a new one.

  2. I don't even use a scale here, but I do use a measuring cup and measure spoons once in awhile.

    But if you use all the time, you need to get a new one! Good excuse to get a digital one now!

    I'm drowsy too!

  3. Hello merce!

    Yes! This weekend, hopefully, gonna get a new one!!!

  4. Hello jo!

    You are a professional homemaker!
    Everytime I cook, I measure accurately because I write recipe. So the scale is necessary and yes, the digital one should be the one I need!

    Thanks for your push!

    Ha-ha! You caught my drowsiness ;)

  5. Hello Ochi San!
    I like taking pictures,but i don't like to exlpain.
    my third and last blog,is all about filipinos ordinary works,in order for them to survive.

    thanks for the comment!

  6. Good morning merce!

    Thanks for letting me know!!! I look foward to seeing your new posts! Very interesting!!!


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