Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Accomplishments

Yesterday was cloudy with a chance of rain and today it is going to be cloudy throughout the day. Is it because of the weather?! I thought yesterday was Saturday and slept until the last minute in the morning!!! But thanks for my workout, I could run fast and catch my usual train! That wasn't my purpose of training though...

You know what!? I am keep on losing big contests... :(
But anyway, I will list my recent accomplishments.

On 9/20, I won the "Cheeza, goes good with alcohol award". Cheeza is Ezaki Glico's new rich cheese snacks. Cheeza comes in 2 flavors. The red one is cheddar cheese and the black one is Camembert cheese. They both contain more than 50% of real cheese so they taste really real!!! Glico asked us to create party recipes using Cheeza or their other product called Cratz. I didn't use Cratz, but I used Cheeza and submitted 3 recipes. Very surprisingly, my most simple one, "Cheeza Mini Pizza" won the prize! I just microwaved Cheeza with pizza cheese and sprinkled shichimi togarashi (seven flavor chili pepper)... No one knows what will win!

On 9/22, I won the "Lee Kum Kee prize" at oyster flavored sauce contest organized by Cookpad. Lee Kum Kee is the world renowned leader of oyster flavored sauce which is the basic ingredient for countless Chinese dishes. I stir-fried pork and shishitougarashi (Japanese green peppers) with the oyster flavored sauce, vinegar, and grated sesame seeds! Vinegar refreshes the taste and the sesame seeds are savory! Those goes great with the oyster flavored sauce! My boyfriend loved it :) My post is here.

On 9/25, my "Salty-Sweet Pork and Eggplant Rice Bowl" was published in a food magazine called Lettuce Club. I have posted 60 recipes on their website. This month, they picked up mine and introduced it on P.120. It was a very small article but I am glad that mine was selected!

Then last but not least, my fellow blogger Nazarina passed me this gorgeous award: Brillante Weblog - Premio 2008! Thank you!!! This is my first award in a foreign country :)

Okay, time to go! I need to prepare for my next challenges ;)
Have a good weekend!!!

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