Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Medical Check-Up

This week, temperature dropped down with a high of only 68F (20C). Kind of chilly... and it's been raining all day long today. Maybe because of another typhoon approaching Kyushu area :(

Yesterday morning I had a yearly medical check-up at the institution of my corporate health insurance association. Time flies. I though I had the check-up quite recently. Usually the check-up is done at work by the circular medical check-up bus service, but I don't feel comfortable in that way, so I always go to the institution directly. I can't say it loud, but you can have a half-day off in this way ;)

So yesterday, after the check-up, I went to my bank to organize my account. Banks are only open during my working hours and closed after work, so I'm glad that I could finally go there!!!

Then I went to the gym and had 45 minutes of yoga class (Hatha Yoga - Deep Breath Flow). This yoga class is also only held during the day, so it was nice I could attend.

After that, I went to the supermarket to claim the reward points that I lost :( I didn't know that they disappear after a year. I had about 1600 points which is about 16 dollars!!! Luckily, they gave me 2000 points back, so I am okay now.

There are many things that I can't do because I work!!!

Okay, see you again.

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