Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Medical Check-Up

This week, temperature dropped down with a high of only 68F (20C). Kind of chilly... and it's been raining all day long today. Maybe because of another typhoon approaching Kyushu area :(

Yesterday morning I had a yearly medical check-up at the institution of my corporate health insurance association. Time flies. I though I had the check-up quite recently. Usually the check-up is done at work by the circular medical check-up bus service, but I don't feel comfortable in that way, so I always go to the institution directly. I can't say it loud, but you can have a half-day off in this way ;)

So yesterday, after the check-up, I went to my bank to organize my account. Banks are only open during my working hours and closed after work, so I'm glad that I could finally go there!!!

Then I went to the gym and had 45 minutes of yoga class (Hatha Yoga - Deep Breath Flow). This yoga class is also only held during the day, so it was nice I could attend.

After that, I went to the supermarket to claim the reward points that I lost :( I didn't know that they disappear after a year. I had about 1600 points which is about 16 dollars!!! Luckily, they gave me 2000 points back, so I am okay now.

There are many things that I can't do because I work!!!

Okay, see you again.

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  1. Hello Ochi San!

    Your day is always busy...
    Take care always!

    Have a nice tuesday!

  2. Arigato merce!

    Thanks for your kind words!!!
    You too take care and enjoy :)

  3. Hi Ochi,

    You looked really busy every day.But i think this is a good thing,kept busy times flies faster.At least not boring.

    I really scared do medical check-up.I scared injection,doctor and nurse.I don't know why...

  4. Hello jose!

    But you know, I don't wanna time to pass fast! I don't want to get older :( But sometimes, when older people treat me with contempt, I think in the other way though.

    I used to dislike those medical institutions, but once you go there regularly, you won't be scared that much! Funny right?!

  5. Hello Ochi,

    Yes you must take care of yourself medically. I'm trying to do the same! Be nice if you could work half day to get in all the things you like to do! Cool and rainy here too! :)

  6. Hello jo,

    >>I'm trying to do the same!
    Good! When I was young, I wasn't that much concerned about my health but now I think it is time for me to take care of myself... Especially my tooth! I am prone to tooth decay but they won't even hurt when nerves are damaged :(

    Rain everywhere!
    Take care not to catch a cold!!!


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