Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Anniversary

Time flies! It's been already a year since I started this blog. I realized it few days ago.

Thanks all for coming, taking a look at my work. I really want to thank to those who always leave me some comments. I never thought of being this close to them because I am not the person who gets along with anybody...

This is my "Thank You Tart". I used edible roses ;)

Enjoy your day!!!

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  1. Hi Ochi

    Nice and colorful tart,Ochi..I still remember my very first time I blogged,I went to search for a nice blog..I came across your blog and your blog really attracted me to read more and more..

    You really did a great job,Ochi...You deserved the award too..Lucky me to know you..

  2. Kombanwa Ochi,

    I remember finding your blog, and wondering why there were little comments for such a beautiful and creative blog. Your efforts are finally being recognized in the way they deserve to be.

    I hope in your real life that you will also be rewarded for your true talents. Your work always shows the perfection I always admired in my mother! Never give up!

    Your tart looks so beautiful and good to eat! Have a good weekend, and Happy 1st year!

    P.S. I missed a couple of your past posts!

  3. Ooooh lovely looking tart!! Happy birthday to your blog!!!Your tart looks so delicious so much so that I could find myself eating the whole one!!!!!


    I would love to give you another award for the coolest blog! Please come and get it! here is the link

  4. Hi Ochi San,Congratulations!!!
    Your food blog is always from the heart.
    Thank you for always sharing with us.

  5. Hi jose!

    I am glad you left me a comment on that day. When I talk to you, I feel like I know you from my school days. Thanks for being my friend ;)

  6. Konnichiwa jo.

    I don't know why I being alone, and I still feel in that way, but I'm okay because I want to get to know people like you, who really looks forward to reading my post.

    >>Never give up!
    I think I need this word today, jo :(

    >>past posts
    I hope I wrote back to all your comments!

  7. Hi Nazarina!

    Thank you! And thanks for the award, too!
    I need to see your soap post thoroughly! You are really creative in many ways!!!

  8. Thanks merce!

    You, too! I am looking forward to seeing your posts! Your pictures are always very interesting!!!


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