Monday, October 20, 2008

Jack-o'-Lantern Bento

Hi! Today, the high is 75F (24C) but very hot at home in the room... I am sweating!

Guess what! On Saturday I again had body composition done at gym. Believe it or not, in another 4 weeks, I lost a pound of muscle and gained 0.6 pound of fat... I'm going a wrong way! An instructor told me that it could happen if I got used to work out! He says I need to concentrate on my menu... I thought I could get in shape if I go to gym and get it all done :( Nothing is easy!

Anyway, I am still losing the contests. I thought my Jack-o'-Lantern Bento was a good idea... It's face is an egg yolk. I drew the face by cutting nori sheet.

It was a busy day at work. I am drowsy now! Hopefully, see you tomorrow again ;)

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  2. Hello Ochi,

    We are Freezing here! Hang in there with the gym, at least you are trying! I hate to work out! So I'll probrably never loose my fat! Ha! Ha!

    I liked your Jack-O-Lantern Bento, you can cook for me anytime! Very creative!

  3. I love it!this bento is really interesting...

  4. Hello Ochi San!I'm really sorry,if i can't explain everything about my blogs.
    If you want to know,about my lifestyle here in philippines by japanese.please visit my husband site."

    Thank You so much!

  5. Hi Brian!

    Thanks for the invitation! And, thanks for your comment on my new page :)

  6. Ohayo jo,

    Right! I just realized that my fat is very sticky! But yes... I will try until I could improve my metabolism :(

    Thanks for liking my work! Your words are my power!

  7. Hi merce!

    Your husband has a blog?! I didn't know that!!! Yes. I will take a look ;)

  8. Yes,thank you!but now he is busy,that's why he cannot update everytime.

    Thank you again Ochi San.

  9. Thanks merce!
    I just took a look! Amazing!!! He writes in Japanese! Oh. Is that you next to him?! He writes and sings songs in Japanese? I think I should better ask you if he is busy ;)


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