Friday, October 17, 2008

Portrait Bento

Hi! It is again nice and sunny today. The high will be 71F (22C). In autumn, we have clear sky! Yesterday, on TV news, I learned 2 things that I've been wondering for a long time but didn't go far enough to find out. One is about the clear sky I just mentioned. I always thought that the sky in summer is foggy and they said that is because of the warm humid air from the south. In autumn, the cold dry air comes from the north which lowers the amount of vapor, makes the sky blue.

Another thing I learned was about artificial nails! Until I started to cook, I used to wear those. I glued them on my nails and wore them about a week. However, one day I realized there was green stuff under the nails when I removed. Mold?! I didn't even search but it was as suspected! I saw on the news that it can happen and some people have spoiled their nails! How scary!!!

Back to my topic! I will show you something funny today ;) Do you know bento? Bento is a home-packed meal in a lunchbox. Usually packed with rice. I don't make bento often, but one day I made it for my boyfriend for dinner (because I was sure he doesn't want to take this with him for lunch at work!). Can you tell what this is? It's my boyfriend's portrait! Ha-ha!!! I drew it with seasoned kelp. The face is 3D because I piled the rice.

I think I'd better write my post in the morning. No drowsiness. Ha-ha ;)

Okay, have a good day!!!

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  1. Hi Ochi

    Wow,nice bento you had done.Your boyfriend must be very happy and felt touch with this,right?

    You not asked him brought this bento for lunch,is it because you think his colleagues will laughed at him??Haha..but I liked your bento..

  2. Konbanwa Ochi!

    I see you are up late tonight too! What nice weather you are having. Finally got some rain here!

    Yes you can get infections from wearing fake nails too. My daughter likes them, but I think she has prettier nails when she lets them grow!

    You are so talented, in making a portrait with kelp and rice. See you are very creative. I'm sure you made your boyfriend smile with your surprise! :)

  3. Hi jose!

    My boyfriend liked it. And yes, you are right!!! He doesn't want to be teased by his colleagues. Ha-ha!

  4. Ohayo jo!

    I wrote my post in the morning. We have almost a day difference, so if you are at night I am in the morning :)

    Tomorrow, it's going to be cloudy here... I need to enjoy this weather today!!!

    I want to see your daughter's nail art! I sometimes wonder how could people who wear long curved nails do the cashier... they should be neat!

    Thanks always for looking at my work, jo ;) I want to post more if I get a chance!!!


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