Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hi! Today, it's little bit cloudy but still nice outside!

Nothing special, but I will write how to make tempura because I had a request to translate one of my recipes which needs this recipe!


Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20min+
Number of servings: 4

vegetables of your choice (eggplant, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, renkon (lotus root), green pepper, shitake, shiso, etc...)
seafood of your choice (shrimp, fish, squid, etc...)
--Tempura Batter
* 1 egg
* ice water
* 1 cup (200cc) all purpose flour
--Tentsuyu (tempura dipping sauce)
* 1 cup (200cc) dashi broth (using packaged dashi powder saves time)
* 4 tbsp. mirin (sweet sake)
* 4 tbsp. soy sauce
vegetable oil
grated daikon radish
salt and sudachi (or lemon) if desired

1. Prepare vegetables and seafood before frying. I will explain how to for shrimps: Use beheaded shrimps. Shell shrimps (leave their tails), remove spine, and make incisions in their stomach side to straighten them.
2. Tentsuyu: In a pan, bring dashi broth, mirin, and soy sauce to a boil.**
3. Tempura Batter: Beat an egg and add ice water to make them 200cc. (Be sure to use ice water!) Pour the mixture into a large bowl, sift flour in and mix lightly. (Do not overmix!)
4. Heat vegetable oil in a deep pan to 180~190C (340~350F).
5. Lightly dip the ingredients in the batter and fry them immediately until golden and crisp. Drain tempura on a rack or a sheet of clean paper towel. (Do not fry too many at once.)
6. Serve with tentsuyu and grated daikon radish. Or salt and sudachi (or lemon) is good, too!

Tempura is best served hot!

**For tentsuyu, you can use Yamasa's Konbu Tsuyu (3 times concentrated Konbu kelp seaweed soup stock). You just need to dilute it with hot water as directed on the package. This product is very convenient and it is available overseas!

Yesterday, I wasn't able to stay up. Maybe because I work out seriously this week! Hope I have some improvements.

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