Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jack-o'-Lantern Cookies

Good morning! Yesterday was raining all day as predicted :( Hopefully it will clear up by this noon. I couldn't post this last night because my drowsiness depends on the weather, you know!!!

Here is another Halloween recipe! But a lazy one.
3 years ago, I bought an "Autumn Cookie kit" that had cookie mix, cookie cutters, and autumn sprinkles!

I tried the sprinkles, but those didn't look good. I think it's very difficult to use them nicely! I guess kids are better than me! So I ended up making faces on the cookies. I added cocoa powder to half of the cookie dough to make brown chocolate dough.

I hope I can create something better this year!!!

You know what!? I'm losing the big contests... :( I'm not even winning the highest awards at all... I shouldn't expect much, right!?

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