Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jack-o'-Lantern Cookies

Good morning! Yesterday was raining all day as predicted :( Hopefully it will clear up by this noon. I couldn't post this last night because my drowsiness depends on the weather, you know!!!

Here is another Halloween recipe! But a lazy one.
3 years ago, I bought an "Autumn Cookie kit" that had cookie mix, cookie cutters, and autumn sprinkles!

I tried the sprinkles, but those didn't look good. I think it's very difficult to use them nicely! I guess kids are better than me! So I ended up making faces on the cookies. I added cocoa powder to half of the cookie dough to make brown chocolate dough.

I hope I can create something better this year!!!

You know what!? I'm losing the big contests... :( I'm not even winning the highest awards at all... I shouldn't expect much, right!?

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  1. It is kind of fun collecting many different kind of cookie cutter. Friend of mine collect many different design including antique one.

    Anyway, it is always nice to change pace once a while.

    If you think, you are not succeeding some of those major contest in consecutive manner, it might be worth to take a break from kitchen so to speak, and perhaps go to some museum, theater, or other form of arts to get some inspiration. It also give you opportunity to go out and eat something really nice :)

    I am sure, once you are fully recharged you can come up with something cute and delicious that everyone will appreciate :)

  2. Konnichiwa Ochi husband visit your japanese site today,and he is really impressed those food in your site.very artistic!and yummy!!! Anyway,me and my husband,really love to eat.tha'ts why...we are both big.

  3. Hide-san!

    Thanks for your advice!

    >>cookie cutter
    Oh. The antique ones are pricey, I know! Also they rust easily, no?! But they are cool to collect ;)

    I wish I could stop and take a rest... I just don't feel comfortable doing that. But I am thinking of using all of my paid holidays little by little which will dissapear the next year!

    You are right! I just went to a museum this Monday with Teco-chan and had a really good time. You know what!? Maybe I need to go to Karaoke!!!

  4. Hi merce!

    Can your husband read Japanese?
    I love to eat, too! I wish I could eat everything I want, but stay thin!!!

  5. Hi Ochi,

    Fun to use some easy ideas once in awhile! I have many different cookie cutters too, I even have one for my dog, which is bone shaped, and a dog and a cat cutter too! I've stopped entering contests for awhile, get me too depressed!

  6. Hi jo!

    Thanks for the comment here, too!

    Yes. It was fun ;)
    Bone shaped, sounds cute!!! Do you make cookies for Delilah?

    Oh jo... I understand you very much!!!
    I believe screening standards are always the preference and the mood of the judge(s), you know!!! I was (am) depressed, too. Today, I lost one again!!!


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