Monday, October 13, 2008

Marc Chagall @ Aoyama Unimat Museum

Today (the National Sports Day) was a beautiful autumn day. My boyfriend and I went to see Marc Chagall's paintings at Aoyama Unimat Museum. My mom gave us tickets.

Actually, my boyfriend stayed out all night with his friends and came home at noon :( I didn't expect him going to the museum with me, but he came. And I think that was right, because today was a nice day to take a walk!!! (Too bad I didn't take many pictures...)

Chagall's 25 paintings were exhibited at the museum. Also there were some other Western European paintings : Marie Laurencin, Amadeo Modigliani, Moise Kisling, Leonard Foujita, etc... It has been more than 7 years since I last went to a museum. I thought I wouldn't feel the art of Chagall's work, but was impressive! I really liked his "Bouquet d’Anniversaire". It was too beautiful for words.

After the museum, we went window-shopping, walked to Omotesando. We had a glass of champagne at a cafe at metro. Then we took a train to Akasaka and had a dinner at a Thai restaurant. What was nice was that we came home before 9PM.

Badly, it's gonna rain tomorrow. I'm not that drowsy yet but will go to bed early once in a while!!!

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