Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cheers! Omurice

It's a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky! I really wanted to have a cup of coffee at a cafe near the station instead of going to work...

Anyway, do you know Omurice? It is a thin fried egg wrapped chicken rice (seasoned with ketchup), shaped like an omelet. The fancy one comes with a runny omelet on top of the chicken rice! Which is meltingly delicious. My boyfriend loves it in that way!
Omurice is a very popular home-cooked meal in Japan. I think most Japanese moms have served this at least once at home! It can be found at most restaurants in Japan, too!

Wow! It's quite some time ago, but in May, I made a funny omurice! Those fingers are sausages! I drew nails and the beer foam using mayonnaise. Funny, right? The word "おつかれさま★" in Japanese means "Have a nice evening! (after work)".
My boyfriend liked this idea ;)

Video Recipe Available :D

You know what!? I just received a message from Tokyo Marathon Organization and they said that the lottery (will be held in the middle of November) is highly competitive. There were 260,000 applicants but only 35,000 people could run. Hope I could participate...

Okay, I gotta stop. Have a nice day ;)

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