Friday, October 10, 2008

Jack-o'-Lantern: Philadelphia Sushi Balls

Here is another Halloween idea! I made sushi balls using Philadelphia cream cheese. I added the cheese in sushi rice, made balls, sprinkled tobiko (flying fish roe), and drew their faces by cutting nori sheet.
You can dip it in soy sauce when you eat. It goes good with cream cheese!

The weather is nice and clear today! I didn't want to go to work... Also this weekend is going to be fine with a high of about 73F (23C)! We have three-day weekends this weekend because Monday is National Sports Day, so I'm glad that the weather will be fine :)

Yesterday I had a headache but luckily it wasn't a cold! I need to get a flu shot someday soon... Take care you all!!!
Have a good weekend ;)

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