Friday, October 10, 2008

Jack-o'-Lantern: Philadelphia Sushi Balls

Here is another Halloween idea! I made sushi balls using Philadelphia cream cheese. I added the cheese in sushi rice, made balls, sprinkled tobiko (flying fish roe), and drew their faces by cutting nori sheet.
You can dip it in soy sauce when you eat. It goes good with cream cheese!

The weather is nice and clear today! I didn't want to go to work... Also this weekend is going to be fine with a high of about 73F (23C)! We have three-day weekends this weekend because Monday is National Sports Day, so I'm glad that the weather will be fine :)

Yesterday I had a headache but luckily it wasn't a cold! I need to get a flu shot someday soon... Take care you all!!!
Have a good weekend ;)

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  1. Konban wa Ochi,

    Now see these should be in your cookbook along with the cute pictures. You should seriously check into making a cookbook with pictures of all your wonderful creations.

    We are expecting a nice weekend here too, maybe even alittle warmer than you 75-77! I hope my cold better by Saturday, want to go to a street fair where they have many crafts for sale!

    I'm thinking of getting a flu shot too! :)

  2. Ohayo jo!

    75-77 sounds nice!!! Your nephew's cold is strong! I hope you get well soon.

    I made this sushi balls 2 years ago. Time flies... I haven't made that many creative stuff since then. I can't say it loud but those too much creative ones won't win the contests, you know... But I think I shouldn't lose my way, jo! I will create something fun this year!!!

  3. These are darling and so very cute! I want to make these, in fact I shall make them for Halloween, my friends will be very impressed!

  4. Hi nazarina!

    I bet you can make them nicer than mine!!! I wish I could attend your Halloween party. Should be superb :)

  5. Hello Ochi San!i'm really sorry for my past blog sharing my experience,maybe accidentally delete,i dont really know what happen.but for now,i try to make this new blog.i'ts really sad for me,but i don't have choice,just to accept the truth.hope you like this new one.

  6. Konbanwa Ochi,

    I just wanted to tell you I caught a movie the other day. I've never been much into war movies, but they ran the movie Letters From Iwo Jima on T.V. I finally sat down to watch it.

    Tells about the war from both sides, how the Japanese were so proud to die for their country they committed suicide before the enemy could catch them, to die with pride. The young Japanese man didn't want to die but to fight to live for his wife and newborn son.

    I don't know if you saw the movie, but brang me to tears was so beautifully filmed and showed the decency we should all show for others. Here is the site ~ tells you about the movie, is in English don't know if there is a Japanese version of movie. The music is quite beautiful too!

  7. Hi merce!

    I am sorry to hear about your blog!!! Isn't that just unavailable temporarily? Because sometimes Blogger stops the site partly for the maintenance... Or were you drowsy while updating your profile? I could have deleted my page when I'm drowsy, you know... I hope everything is fine now! Thanks for letting me know!!!

  8. Konbanwa jo!

    I know that movie!!! But I haven't seen it yet... Yes, there is a Japanese version. I can rent them at shops. Have you seen "Flags of Our Fathers"? I wish I could have a chance to watch them! I will put them down on my movie list!!! Thanks for your comments ;)

  9. Hello Ochi San.I delete pictures from picasa album,which your pictures from blogger automatically display in there.but when i delete,eveything is gone,including blogger site.that's why i made a new name,and new photos again.
    Thank you again,and agai...

  10. Hi merce!

    That is good to know! I didn't know that the picasa account deletes not only the images but also the blogs!!! We should be careful not to take a rare action! Thanks for letting me know! I am sure that your blog is nice in current new topic :)


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