Monday, November 10, 2008

ANDERSEN Bread Contest

Yesterday, I went to Hiroshima to attend the cook-off final of the ANDERSEN's bread contest! ANDERSEN is a bakery. They try to make the most of our “Hygge” (means cozy) time with friends, family or on our own eating bread. They asked us for anniversary recipes using their bread. There were 5 finalists. (amazingly, 4 of us including me were from Tokyo area!) I woke up at 3 in the morning, took shinkansen at 6, and arrived at Hiroshima at 10. But the other 3 said they came a day before and stayed a night in Hiroshima. That might have been a good idea!

The grand prix was awarded to the lady who made croissant fruit cake. She said she makes it for her kids when they do a great job! Mine and others' were the outstanding performance award. My recipe was "inside-out beef cutlet sandwich". Of course I made it for my boyfriend (for his birthday) ;)

After the contest, we had a open sandwich party with judges (the CEO joined us as well). Their open sandwiches were like sushi (with fresh vegetables, meat, fish etc...) and was really great!!! There were more than 10 kinds. I think we (participants) had no sense of shame... we divided all into small pieces and shared each other.

I came back to Tokyo at 10PM. I didn't even have time to sightsee in the city or go window-shopping but I had a good time.

It's a small world!!! Next week, I am going to see the grand prix winner at a different contest!

Okay. I gotta go now.
Good night!

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  1. Konbanwa Ochi,

    How interesting to travel to different contest sites. We don't have much like that here. Yes you should have traveled the night before, maybe you could've done some sightseeing!

    You had a late night, I loved your pictures, is that you in the black sweater.

    We are using our woodburner tonight, it's 20 degrees outside. I went for a walk earlier with Delilah, all bundled up in two coats! It gets colder here in the country, than in the city!

  2. Hi jo,

    Thanks for your comment ;)

    Funny, all of us (girls) wore black! I am alone in the picture on the left.

    >>bundled up in two coats
    Sounds really cold!!!
    Please take care!!!
    I think I have a cold in the nose :(

  3. Hi Ochi San!

    How are you?hope your okey...
    i want to know,if andersen heroshima is the main?i mean the biggest one?

  4. Hi merce,

    Yes. ANDERSEN in Hiroshima is HQ (the main)! The building was 6 stories high!!!

    Have you been to ANDERSEN bakery? You know many stuff ;)


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