Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

It is getting cold! The high is around 57F (15C) but chilly with dry air. Time to use heavy hand cream, I guess...

This summer, I bought Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve (5.0 fl.oz.) in NY and now it's doing a great job ;) Last winter, I wrote about my hand care items. I still use them but never enough, you know!!! I use hand cream every time after my hand-wash, so I need to keep a stock!

Changing my story, this afternoon, I went to see ENT doctor while at work because I had a runny nose (it hurt) and couldn't concentrate on my work!!! The doctor said my nose is not that swollen but prescribed me some pills. Should I need to see him?! Hope so... I know it is always cheaper and better to see a doctor than taking pills bought at a drug store! I hope I can go to the GYM tomorrow!!!
I always wash my hands and gargle when I got home, by the way...

I'm gonna go to bed now.
See you again...

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