Friday, November 7, 2008

Beef Beer Curry and Rice

As it gets colder, I prefer to cook stew, curry, nabe, etc... to warm up. Today, I will translate one of my curry and rice recipes that my blog friend has requested ;)

I wrote this before, but in Japan, we use "curry roux" to make curry and rice. There are many different kinds of curry roux in Japan. For this recipe, I used Vermont Curry! It's a curry roux with a touch of apple and honey. I'm sure it is available in the U.S.! I found that House Foods America Corporation (HFAC) provides it!!! (Their Java Curry is good, too!)

Oh, remember! The "beer" I added softens the beef and makes the curry mild. It is more like stew and easy to eat. Please try it out!

Video Recipe Available :D

Beef Beer Curry and Rice

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 45min
Number of servings: 5

200g (0.45lb.) thinly sliced beef
200g (0.45lb.) onion
200g (0.45lb.) shimeji mushrooms
200g (0.45lb.) frozen edamame beans in pods
500cc water
200cc beer
125g (0.27lb.) Vermont Curry (Med-Hot) *Japanese curry roux
1 tbsp. cooking oil
5 servings steamed Japanese white rice
grape tomatoes if desired

1. Use Vermont Curry or you can substitute it with any other Japanese curry roux! Doesn't make a big change!

2. Cut thinly sliced beef into bite size pieces, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Slice onion. Remove tough base of shimeji mushroom and break into bite-sized chunks. Thaw and remove the edamame beans from the pods.

3. Heat cooking oil in a large stew pot, saute the sliced onion over medium heat until it softens. Then add the beef and shimeji mushrooms and saute together.

4. When mushrooms get soft, add 500cc water, bring to a boil, skim the scum, add 200cc beer, and turn the heat down to medium-low and cook for about 15 minutes.

5. Turn off the heat, add Vermont Curry curry roux, and mix well until completely melted. Then put on the heat and simmer for about 10 minutes until thickened.

6. Add edamame beans, stir, and cook 3 more minutes.

7. Serve on a hot bed of rice, garnish with grape tomatoes if desired.

My original recipe in Japanese is here.

Is thinly sliced beef available in your country?
If not, I recommend to use bite size cut chicken! Any kind of meat is basically okay, though ;)

Oh no... too bad. I just received a message and knew that I lost the lottery to run Tokyo Marathon... Okay, I'll run at gym!!!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Thanks for your recipes.It looks delicious.

    About the Vermont Curry,I'm not quite sure whether I can find at supermarket here or not.Can I change to normal curry or must used this type?

    You know,normally Malaysian's curry we always add on eggplants or long beans into it.Don't know why maybe this is the traditional ways to cook,I guess.

    Did I mention to you before I din eat beef,pork,duck,and mutton?Except chicken.I don't know why but I scared of the smell of the meat.So I'm thinking I will try this curry with chicken.

    Must be delicious then.

  2. Hi jose,

    You are always welcome!!!

    Is there any Japanese or Chinese store near you? I think you can find there!!! Yes. You can change it to normal curry, but I don't know about Malaysian one. Maybe you can try ;) Let me know if it worked or not!

    We add eggplants, too! This is just my idea to cook with edamame beans.

    I didn't know that you don't eat those meats!!! Those are great! You must try those in Japan someday ;) Yet, I think chicken can be substituted for any of those. Like you say, it doesn't have a strong taste!

    This is just an idea, so you can arrange it in your way, of course!!!

  3. Hi Ochi,

    I remember my mom used to make curry stew too. We can buy real thin cut steaks here, and that is what we use to make curry stew. I bet it would be good with chicken too!

    I have to remember to make it again. My husband doesn't care for it, but I like it! I'll have to try it with beer too! Thid is a great winter food! :)

  4. Konnichiwa jo,

    The weekend is always fast!!!

    Your mom cooked a lot of different kinds of Japanese food to you!!! At least your husband eats foreign food or any kind of new food, you can try ;) Because I know some people won't eat any new food, you know...

    The weather seems to stay cold! I now wear a down coat!!!

  5. that looks delicious, not sure about 200cc of beer though, what brand do you recommend!

  6. Thank you 酔っ払い先生 for coming,

    I just found you live in Japan ;) You can use any kind of regular beer. Happoshu (low-malt beer) is okay, too. I would say, zero-nama, nodogoshi, ichiban... etc. those kind worked out.

    I saw your mixi account ;) You speak Japanese!!!

  7. It looks great and I bet it tastes great too. I'm doing this today. Thanks.

  8. Hi AnaDrol,

    Thanks for stopping by! I hope it came out fine ;)


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