Thursday, November 13, 2008

Domaine des Bois Lucas

Hi! We have cloudless blue sky today! My runny & sore nose healed but seems like pills causing a blocked nose! My god...

Anyway, some of you might know but I rarely read books. (Maybe that's why I can't think things logically...) Well, one of my co-workers forced me to read a book one day. Since he didn't give up, I said okay, and read 10 minutes a day on the train. Took about a month to finish reading! Ha-ha.

The book was about Junko Arai, who bought a field in Loire (France) to make a biodynamic wine. She has a side job as a wine importer in Japan. I'm not interested in wine, but what amazed me is her vitality! She got the black belt for Karate when she was a college student. Then worked for a company in her 20's, using money for collecting cars and designer goods. But she quit the job and started to take some lessons, such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony, etc... Then one day, she got trapped in wine making. She entered University of Bordeaux to study zymurgy in her 30's. Then she ran a French restaurant in Japan, and held a workshop for wine lovers. However, one day, she was offered to purchase a field in France.

In 2001, she closed her restaurant and flew to France to start winemaking. Sorry in Japanese, but here is her winery info. I didn't know anything about winemaking, but her book explains about that, too. I never knew that the winemaking is such a hard work. I am impressed by her patience! She gives us hope to try something new and never give up!!!

Anyway, in her diary (on her HP), she wrote that she won the lottery to run Tokyo Marathon! She has good luck!!! Hope I can win at the second drawing in December...

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  1. Hello Ochi,

    What women can do is totally amazing! I wish I had ambition enough to do one thing really well! I can cook very well, but I'm not sure I want to do that in large volumes! Writing is my passion, but can't make a lot at that either unless you are rich already. I must find determination in something! :)

  2. Konnichiwa jo,

    You stay up late today ;)

    I can tell you have an ambition! But I do agree with you... I always think if I had enough money, I could buy a good lense for my camera, buy more tablewares, and can't say it loud but quit my job to have time to spare!!! In that way, I think I can find my determination without hesitation. Now I need to make money to survive, you know!!!

    I should buy "Year-End Jumbo" lottery tickets! Ha-ha!!!

  3. Ochi, this woman has an amazing story. "Where there's a will there's a way" She never quit and maybe a whole "lotta luck Ha! ha!
    I see you there, maybe on a Japanese culinary channel! You look so busy in your little picture, kind of like this lady, going for bigger and better all the time!
    Do you not see this?

  4. Hello Nazarina,

    >>"Where there's a will there's a way"

    But you know what!? The cooking industry is highly competitive to succeed!!! Maybe it's the same in the US, but there are too many cookist, so I'm not that sure about joining them... Also, to do something professional is not always joyful. You can't always make things you want to create, you know! So I want to keep cooking as my art... I want to lead such a luxurious life without my day job! Ha-ha!!!

    Anyway, I won't give up creating ;)


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