Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Birthday @ Huis Ten Bosch

Hi! I'm back!!!

From 12/9 to 12/10, my boyfriend and I went to Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki prefecture for my birthday. Why we went there is, in June, my fritter with sea bream won the grand prize at asahi beer's contest. The prize for the contest was a pair of train tickets, lunch coupons, and a hot spring tickets in Kyushu. First, I didn't think I could use this prize, but luckily we decided to go there since the plane tickets were real cheap!

Huis Ten Bosch is the world’s finest European style flower resort. In English, Huis Ten Bosch means “House in the forest.” And true to its name this residential-style resort has canals running throughout, is surrounded by greenery, forests, amusements, shops, restaurants, five distinct hotels, a marina and residential area. You could get away from the routine!

There is a tower called "domtoren" with a full view of the luxurious resort! We went up there twice, both daytime and night.

In winter, they don't have many flowers but beautiful illuminations! The town is glittered with lights. Many gorgeous Christmas trees can be found here and there. Lot's of fun!

We had a lunch at a restaurant called Cascade in ANA Hotel JR Huis Ten Bosch. Seated in the atrium, the 3-storey windows allow expansive views of the quaint buildings and glittering canals of Huis Ten Bosch. We enjoyed very healthy prix-fixe menu using local food ingredients.

After the lunch, we had a drawing. I won the last place but my boyfriend won the 2nd prize, which was a pair of dinner tickets in the same hotel. So we had a dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant called Oumurawan. They have two exciting views. The first is the skillful knife technique of the tableside chef as selected beef, fresh seafood and local vegetables are prepared to the order. The second view is the twinkling lights at night. Luckily we could see a beautiful fireworks from the restaurant window.

After dinner, we kicked back and soaked in the hot spring. We had so much fun! Relaxing time with no Internet or people jam!

By the way, they give you a cute bear brooch for birthday people. If you wear it, everybody celebrates you and say "Happy Birthday", which is cool ;)

Today, the high in Tokyo is 59F (15C) and pretty warm. I like this bearable weather! Now I am leaving for the bean contest. Taking a day off again.

See you next week ;)

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  1. Konbanwa Ochi,

    What a lovely Birthday you had, I loved all the photos. Aren't you glad you took advantage of your prize? You were able to see some beautiful places there!

    Seemed like you found some romantic spots too!

    I really liked the photo of you and your boyfriend! Thanks for sharing them, I like how you put 4 pictures in one, I don't know how to do that.

    Also do you celebrate Christmas there! Just curious! :)

  2. Wow!What beautiful,and meanigful celebration you had..
    views are really fantastic.

    Happy Birthday and Congratulations both of you.

  3. Hi Ochi,

    Your vacation seem to be so fun and interesting.I wish maybe someday my boyfriend too will bring me somewhere for vacation.

    I love all of your photos..Really nice.Yo celebrate Christmas too?

  4. Ochi what a fantastic prize, you deserve it! I love your narration about the "huis ten bosch". In Afrikaans, it is also huis, this is another language that I speak.
    Ochi, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year."See" you then!!!Happy cooking! Happy birthday! I am off to the Florida Keyes for three weeks. It is about 5 hrs by plane from where I live.

  5. Konnichiwa jo,

    This weekend and today were really busy...
    Now I finally got a time to write back ;)

    Yes. I think we kind of celebrated Christmas there because my boyfriend told me that he would be busy in the Christmas week which is the last week of work this year!

    "4 pictures in one" is easy. I just copied and pasted the pictures on the bitmap application. I don't think this is a good idea to keep a good photo quality, though.

  6. Hello merce-san,

    Thanks ;)

    The air there was fresh!!!
    I wish I could stay there longer.

  7. Hello jose,

    Ask your boyfriend ;)
    I know there are many nice place everywhere!!!
    Just need time and money, right?!
    That's my problem. Ha-ha!!!

    Yes. Like I wrote to jo, we did kind of celebrate Christmas, but I want to celebrate it again later, to tell the truth...

  8. Hello Nazarina,

    Thank you!
    You speak Afrikaans?! How talented you are!!!
    I've once been to Florida Keyes! It's a beautiful place!!! How nice you could spend your Christmas and year-end holidays there!!!
    Take care and enjoy ;)
    See you next year?!

  9. Thanks Ochi,

    I'll have to try the bit map application, is it in your photo editing program! :)

  10. Hi jo,

    Do you use Windows? It is in Win program. Maybe different name in MAC. Then I use IrfanView (freeware) to convert bmp image to jpg. If you want me to explain it in detail, I will ;) But again, this might not be a good idea to keep a good photo quality...


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