Thursday, January 29, 2009

Masseur Wellness

What do you think of this massage machine?

This week, there is a campaign at the gym, selling this product at $750! It's original price is $1470.

I am not being taken for a ride by the salesperson. I wanted some kind of massage machine for a long time and feel like this might be the one!? By the way, not the massage chair, because it occupies a space. This one is really small, 15 inches x 15 inches (38cm x 38cm)!

What I liked about this machine is "spiral vibration" which will improve the blood circulation in your body. Those bumpy stuff around have Shiatsu (finger pressure) effect. Moreover, two things sticking out will rotate or(and) vibrate and massage you at the same time! Plus, it emits negative ion.

You can use this machine for all parts of your body! Shoulders, back, waist, stomach, calves, neck, thighs, arms, hands, legs, etc... Surprisingly, stomach feels great!

I tried the machine for 15 minutes a day for few days and it really did relieve muscle tension.

1. You can relax by using remote control at hand.
2. 15-minutes-timer avoids to turn off.
3. It has a stand that can change the height.
4. There is a portable handle.

Am I crazy?! I translated all the features in English. Ha-ha.
Okay, I will ask my boyfriend. He knows the answer!
But let me know what you think ;)

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