Monday, January 19, 2009

Hudson River Plane Crash

Hi! After the rain, the temp is high at 59F (15C) today! It will drop back to 48F (9C) tomorrow, though...

Did you see this news?
"Hudson River Plane Crash" was an eye-opening news of the weekend! Thanks to God and the pilot, I'm glad to hear that all 155 people on board survived!!!

Dramatic New Details Released About Moments Before Jet's Crash Landing in Hudson River
Image is from FOXNews.

Anyway, have you ever find out your loved one having an affair?! Yesterday, I accidentally saw my boyfriend's cell and found he is hanging out with his co-workers, with guys and "girls"!!! I always thought he is with guys!!! For more than 5 years, I didn't care about his friends, but I think I need to keep an eye on it!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    I understand your feeling here,you felt a bit like been betray since you so believe your boyfriend all this year.

    Actually,once I also had this problem.The girl was my friend and she knew he was my boyfriend.But she still tried her best to contact my boyfriend.

    After all the long story behind,She's not my friend anymore..

    I just hope your boyfriend won't do something bad behind you.

  2. Hi jose,

    Right... I just hope he wouldn't cheat on me!!!
    There is nothing happy if I doubt him, so I want to stop this feeling soon :(

    But do you think your boyfriend didn't feel bad being favored by her? I wonder how guys feel when in that kind of situation...

  3. Ochi,

    Frankly,my boyfriend is a very friendly guy to everyone.He even can treat strangers well as well.So,for him,this girl just wanna be friend with him.

    But for me,no such things as inviting your friend's boyfriend to cinema for movie,right?!And this girl kept on sms ing my boyfriend.

    As a friend of her,I told her I don't like what she had done to me,but she still continue her bad behavior.

    Lucky enough,my boyfriend still my boyfriend now..

    I knew if your boyfriend know what you're thinking,he will be sad,but for me,I think happiness should be grab by ourselves.

  4. Hello jose,

    That girl is crazy...

    I hope the co-worker (the girl) texting to my boyfriend isn't like her!!!

    I hope I am guessing everything wrong!

  5. Ochi,

    I hope we're guessing wrongly too.Your boyfriend maybe just treat his coworker as friend only.

    Better don't think too much..


  6. Thanks jose!

    You are right! I shouldn't think too much!!!

    I will ganbaru!!!

  7. Yes,i saw this news at NHK and passengers of this plane are survived.thanks god!

    Big NO!
    Please be careful ochisan,trust is very important in any relationships.
    thinking negative,is loosing your trust.

    If your boyfriend hanging out with his co-workers,i think,he is showing some respects to them.

  8. Hi Ochi,

    The plane crash was big new here. I'm so glad of the outcome. They were all very lucky, that the Pilot acted so professionally!

    I had a boyfriend once, who cheated on me. We were never the same after that, and ended up breaking up!

    If you feel uncomfortable, just ask him. I noticed you mentioned at times he was out all night, I'd be very leary of that situation. It took me a long time to trust someone again, and my husband went through a lot to gain my trust.

    Good luck Ochi!

  9. Hello merce,

    Cool you saw it on Japanese program!

    You trust your husband! That is good and so did I until now...
    Maybe I should better forget about it and be more nice to him!

    Right. In Japan social drink is MUST, so I know what you mean. But not with girls!!!

  10. Hi jo,

    Yes. The pilot was extremely composed! Amazing!!!
    But it scared me a lot. Just a matter of birds and plane crashes?!

    Oh no... How did you find out that he cheated on you?!
    I wish I could ask, but I can't say him that I saw his cell...
    I'd better not see it again because I think too much!
    Anyway, I understand the social drink, but not with girls, and overnight is beside the question!!!


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