Monday, January 19, 2009

Hudson River Plane Crash

Hi! After the rain, the temp is high at 59F (15C) today! It will drop back to 48F (9C) tomorrow, though...

Did you see this news?
"Hudson River Plane Crash" was an eye-opening news of the weekend! Thanks to God and the pilot, I'm glad to hear that all 155 people on board survived!!!

Dramatic New Details Released About Moments Before Jet's Crash Landing in Hudson River
Image is from FOXNews.

Anyway, have you ever find out your loved one having an affair?! Yesterday, I accidentally saw my boyfriend's cell and found he is hanging out with his co-workers, with guys and "girls"!!! I always thought he is with guys!!! For more than 5 years, I didn't care about his friends, but I think I need to keep an eye on it!!!

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