Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wedding Style

Yesterday (1/19), Erika Sawajiri (age 22: a Japanese actress, model, and musician) and Tsuyoshi Takashiro (age 44: a Japanese DJ, filmmaker, and writer) held a wedding at the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo!

I love her bridal costume! Don't you think this is traditional but modern? Her tunokakushi (a traditional Japanese wedding headwear) is made of lilies.

The image is from The Sankei Shimbun & Sankei Digital.

HERE I found a video of the ceremony!

Oops... I am off my culinary topic again. Sorry...
I will post my Valentine's Day recipes before too long ;)

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  1. Kombanwa Ochisan!
    i think she's still very young at her age to marry.
    anyway,age doesn't matter,like me too.

  2. Hello Ochi,

    The Japanese bridal costume is beautiful! I was wondering what the headress was made out of! I bet she even smelled good with the lily flowers. She is very beautiful too! :)

  3. Ohayo merce,

    Your hubby is older?!
    But I think they have too much age gap!!!

  4. Hello jo,

    It isn't right time to think of my wedding, but I thought traditional ceremony is nice, too!

    Many people say that it is better to have a wedding while young, while you look good in wedding dress, so maybe I gotta hurry!

  5. Really?! There are so many women getting married to older people. Young guys are sometimes childish, so maybe that is why!!!

    My boyfriend is 4 years older than me!

  6. Yes!
    But you and your boyfriend's gap is very okey.

    doesn't matter the years,it's all about,how you love each other,that's the most important.

  7. Hi merce,

    You are very right!
    But I need to act more like an adult... sometimes I am very childish :(

  8. Konnichiwa Ochisan!
    I think you don't need to push yourself to act like an adult,if your are still in younger stage.
    your mind and your age will be together,will guide you all the way,when you become adult.
    just enjoy being you,and they will love you for who you are.

  9. merce-san,

    You are very mature! I hope my mind could catch my age!!!

  10. i wish i'm already 44!!!!!
    ....it sucks!..

  11. I think... Love sees no faults... Ha-ha ;)


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