Friday, January 30, 2009

Fugu Chiri Nabe

Yesterday, I had "Fugu Chiri Nabe" (puffer fish hot pot dish) with my co-worker for lunch. Fugu (puffer fish) is an expensive type of fish. Usually served as a fine dining but this was only for $10!!! I always watch TV while running at the gym, and every Thursday, there is a show that features lunch menus at great prices! (The restaurants can cut prices because they use the portions that can't be served for dinner but still are high-grade!) Mostly, those featured restaurants aren't close to my workplace, but last week the one nearby was featured! I think I should better keep an eye on that program ;)

Changing my story, the peacock store near my house (I wrote about it before) is going to close down tomorrow. Everything was 30-50% off yesterday evening, and I found nothing left when I stopped by at night!!! How fast... and everyone knows the value.

You know what!? Sad thing here again. Yesterday I found that the boxing class (at the gym) I loved will end this month. The class was held on Sunday evenings and now I don't have a class to look forward... Inconveniently, all other interesting classes are held during the day. Is the gym for homemakers?

It is raining here today... but good weather to prevent flu outbreak!

Damn me... I just cooked once this week. Maybe next week, I will cook more!

Okay, I gotta go now.
See you next month ;)

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