Thursday, February 5, 2009


You really must see this! I was just searching for bling-bling stuff and found this car. I love bling-blings but isn't this too much?! But amazing!!! It seems like a company called GARSON has made this. I don't know who's gonna own and ride this car, but if I were to own this, I would cover the car at each stop. It should be tiresome! Ha-ha!!!

By the way, this reminds me of SWAROVSKI GINZA! It has opened last March and I forgot to visit there! Their interior is filled with bling-bling sofas, stairs, etc...

Anyway, it is warm today. The high today is 50F (10C), but we don't feel chilled at all! Hope this weather lasts and spring comes soon...

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  1. ochi,

    Wow,I never knew that they created bling bling car!!

    If I own it,will I drive it??I don't think so..Hehe..but it was nice though.

  2. beautiful!!
    I have same opinion with Joseph, if I own it, I will not drive it, too attractive for me!! Simple car is enough for me.

  3. Ochi,

    I thought you may got confused of my family members..

    Angeline is my sister after me.I'm the eldest in my family..


  4. I'm sorry ochisan,now is already okey,pinoy means"philippine guy"

    Thank you!

  5. I'm sorry,if you are confused in my langguage.we always used this word,"pinoy or pinay"in my country,shortcuts from the word"pilipino"

  6. Hi Ochi,

    What a car indeed. I might take a ride in it, to feel rich for a moment! But it's not me, I like Camaros or Dodge Challegers. Race cars and sporty cars are my cup of tea!

    The Japanese store is gorgeous, I'd feel like I couldn't step into it, because it's so fancy!

    We are at 5 degree windchill! But will be in the 50's this weekend, can't wait! The ice and snow out here is like cement! :)

  7. Yes!almost sign board here is english.
    But those tobacco sign board,is specially made from davao city only,because we have tobacco regulations here.
    you can smoke only in proper places,outside the restaurants,malls,or far from that establishments.
    In my country,only my city has a tobacco regulations.

  8. Hello jose,

    I thought you would drive it. Ha-ha!
    Anyway, I heard that Loccitane Japan will sell new Immortelle product this month! I can't wait!!! But everything comes slow + expensive here, so I wish I could visit the US someday. I want the body cream, too!!!

  9. Hi anGeLine,

    Ha-ha! You sisters!!!
    But yes, simple is the best :)

  10. Thanks jose,

    Oh right, that sister who made sushi was the youngest!
    So it wasn't anGeLine!
    I think I'm starting to get it.

  11. Arigato merce-san,

    Little by little, I'm learning about your country!
    I wish I could visit someday!

  12. Konbanwa jo,

    I know. Sporty cars fits you perfectly!!!
    In real life, I don't need this car, too. Ha-ha.

    There are many fine stores in Japan but I won't buy anything! I just browse around! I think many people do the same ;)

    There was a wind tonight, so it was pretty cold here, too... Please be careful with the ice!!!

  13. merce-san,

    So, all the restaurants are non-smoking? That sounds good for your health. Here, we still keep a place to smoke at anywhere! Smoke-free area aren't smoke-free sometimes... You know Japan, right?!

  14. Yes,but they have smoking area outside.or there's a sign smoking area.

  15. merce-san,

    Oh really?! But it is better than having a smoking area inside!!! Sometimes there is a smoking seat next to the non-smoking seat, and I can't take it!!!

  16. Konnichiwa Ochisan,some coffee shop they have separate smoking and non-smoking area.but,inside the malls,don't have,you must go out in the malls.
    but strictly,only in my city.
    in other places,you can do it!

  17. Hi merce-san,

    Must go out sounds strict, but I think we need to ban it like that anywhere. Some people say it is bad for their health to stop smoking, but I don't think so... It doesn't only harm them but us! Their breath is really bad!!! To avoid addiction, smoking is something that youngster shouldn't try.


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