Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Accomplishments

Damn my memory! I am sooooo stupid that we faced 45degrees wrong direction (east-southeast) yesterday when we had the Eho-Maki! I hope nothing bad happens... I didn't actually measure the direction, so we might have faced the right direction, yes!

After so long, I will post my accomplishments up to now.

On 1/18, my blog was selected at The Foodie BlogRoll's "Today 5 Random Blogs". Thank you for those who visited my blog through the widget ;)

On 2/2, I won 18 SOYJOY bars (nutrition bars made with whole soy and real fruit) at kurasse's (daily life information magazine publisher's) party appetizer recipe contest. I submitted my Bean and Spinach Stuffed Tomato Cream Ravioli recipe made from wonton wrappers. Oh, by the way, I didn't know that the SOYJOY is sold overseas until I search it today on the Net! Have you ever seen it at stores?

On 2/2, my money saving recipe "Colorful Okonomi Stir-Fried Cabbage" won a silver prize and was published in a magazine called "Ohayo Okusan". You guys know what "Ohayo" means, right? "Okusan" means madam. Anyway, it is not a morning magazine. I don't know why the magazine is called like that.

Last but not least, I sometimes submit my posts (recipes) to win product samples and won some stuff including funny stuff recently! On 1/21, I won a clay shampoo which stimulates hair growth. On 2/3, I won a jar of high-grade marmalade. On 2/3, I won a laxative pills that cleanses stomach and intestines. On 2/4, I won 2 cups of white rice.

Okay, all for today.
Have a good one!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    You know I've the worst sense of direction! Congrads on all your accomplishments. I like your spinach stuffed tomato, never thought to use wonton wrappers! I never heard of Soyjoy! Cool you won some sample things too!

  2. Thanks jo,

    Oh, do you!? I always walk the wrong way with confidence, even if I have a map! Ha-ha!!! But sometimes seriously, I hate my sense :(

    You can search the available stores by zipcode at SOYJOY's HP.
    You might not want to buy it, though. Just try to find :)

  3. Kombanwa Ochisan.
    Nobodys perfect,but practice makes perfect.hehehe!
    Congratulations for all the accomplishment you made!you are a great lady at all times.
    i'm lucky to have a friend like you!

  4. Thanks merce-san,

    You know me, and you really cheer me up ;) Thanks! I try to think in that way!!!


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