Tuesday, February 17, 2009

juke tower

Winter season came back again! The temp suddenly went down to 46F (8C). I see some cherry blossoms partly bloomed by mistake!

Anyway, besides Masseur Wellness (I'm still thinking), I want a water resistant MP3 player "juke tower" for my bathroom. It is battery powered and you can set your own USB memory stick containing your favorite music and play! What is good about it is that it is small enough to fit right in with shampoo bottles :) It is available in white, pink, red, and black. Don't you think it's cool? The price is about $100.

There are too many stuff I want!
Hmm... I need to think think and think... and sometimes I don't buy :(
I wish I could have enough money to get what I want when I want!

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  1. We are at 28 degrees here Ochi! I see some of my dianthus leaves coming on the plants!

    You are like my daughter wanting all those new gadgets. I won't even show her the mp3 "juke tower,"
    she'll most definitely want one too!

    But you work hard and deserve to buy what you want sometimes too! Treat yourself! :)

  2. Hi jo,

    >> wanting all those new gadgets
    That is something my boyfriend always say! But he is, too!!!

    There are too many things that are interesting but are something extra (not necessary) for everyday life.

    Yes! This juke tower could be my treat!

  3. Hi Ochisan!
    This is really cool...and interesting.

  4. Yes merce-san,

    You will find many interesting stuff in Japan! Please waver like me when you visit Japan ;)

  5. Kombanwa Ochisan!
    i think,best partners for beer.

  6. I'm sorry ochisan!i don't know where the turtles from.
    anyway,just they are selling!

  7. Ohayo merce-san,

    >>best partners for beer
    Ha-ha! That is true!!!

  8. Hello merce-san again,

    Thanks about the turtles!
    Very interesting, anyway.


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