Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Magic Fruit Sauce!

Hi! It is nice and sunny but large amounts of pollen are expected. I need to be careful not to develop hay fever!

Today, I went out to eat lunch with my co-worker after a long time, since it rained for more than a week until today!!! We went to our favorite cafe, but unfortunately they changed the menu. Also, they stopped offering a discount :( Might be the effects of the recession...

Anyway, I really love the fruit sauce from Karuizawa (a popular tourist spot). I think I wrote that my parents went there recently. At that time, they bought me 2 bottles of fruit sauce for souvenir. Actually, it is my second time to try this out, but I'm saying it out loud, it is really delicious!

The sauce makes especially the plain yogurt taste good! I think I can eat a pint in a minute!!! If you have a chance to visit Karuizawa (Prince Shopping Plaza and so forth), I recommend you to get it! To tell the truth, every day I wake up looking forward to eating yogurt with this sauce!

Have a good day!

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  1. Hello Ochi,

    Isnt' if funny how they quit giving discounts, and carrying different menu! Maybe you and others quit going there, and they will bring it back!

    I love yogurt too, especially the yoplait yogurt:
    This yogurt comes already flavored, I like keylime pie, pina colada, lemon burst, and orange cream!

  2. Hi jo,

    Yes, you are right! I don't think I want to go there that often. I hope they bring it back!!!

    I love keylime flavor, too! I love yogurts in the US because one brand comes in more than 10 flavors!!! We don't have that many choices here in Japan!


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