Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Vegetable Pancakes

This morning I realized that the sakura season is over and all tree leaves are green.

Yesterday, I made spring vegetable pancakes! I mixed chopped ham, asparagus, and red onion in the pancakes. Then I cut ham with a sakura-shaped cookie cutter and decorated on top. Those black dots in the center are black sesame seeds.

Our relationship is still strained, but I am doing fine with my boyfriend. I never thought I fell in love with him again... I forgot to enjoy the sakura trees but I am enjoying my life with amor.

I am still a girl! Ha-ha ;)

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Your pancakes sound very good, I like how you put ham flowers on top!

    I hope your life will become happy, too short not to enjoy it! You must bask in your youngness!

  2. Hi Ochisan!yes,we're back here.

    Thank you so much...for your time.
    Me and my husband had so much fun talking to you.
    And speaking of food,i want to close my eyes everytime we went out,i can't stop myself,and also my husband.

    And now your pancake is here,looking super delicious,i really loved,japanese pancake.

    And my simple shots post,i took japanese style water jar(i don't know the name)at shuzenji temple.
    but my flower post,ithink the name of the flower is tulip.
    huling tanghalian means"last lunch"
    after our lunch,i saw this beautiful flower.

  3. Hi jo,

    Thanks for your comment, always!!!

    That is what I lack... I think I am too serious. I need to learn how to enjoy my life when I am young... I will try to!

  4. Konnichiwa merce-san,

    That is my word! I need to thank you more coming to see me!!!

    Sounds like you enjoyed food here ;)

    Interesting floral language! Perfect to see it after lunch!!!

  5. Your welcome!
    From the buttom of my heart,we are very glad met you.
    of course my husband too!
    but our scheduled is tight,we don;t have a chance to see each other again.
    because of my husband's rehearsals schedule,live performance,meeting old friends and a lot more.
    and after that we went to,kobe,kyoto,osaka,and nagoya.

  6. Hi merce-san,

    Please say thank you to your hubby!!!
    How nice you've been to kobe, kyoto, osaka, and nagoya in such a short period of time!!! I look forward to seeing your photos there ;)

    You don't have to be sorry.
    I was busy, too! Ha-ha!!!

  7. Ochi,
    This is beautiful love food!Your pancakes are adorable! I am sure after this meal, love was blooming again!

  8. Hello Nazarina,

    Thanks for your comment!
    Sure! Food makes us happy, so I need to learn from you how to entertain ourselves!
    Looking forward to seeing your new post ;)


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