Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soba Boro

Hi! After the hard rain yesterday, we have sunshine today. Wow! The high today is 77F (25C)!!! Though it will be cloudy and cold on the weekend...

Do you know "Soba Boro"?
It is a crispy cookie made of soba flour, sugar and egg, famous snack in Kyoto. It has unique shape (either a shape of cherry blossom or a bud). Soba Boro is Nanban-style sweets (Nanban-gashi) imported from Portugal in 1570. It's simple taste and the flavor of Kyoto appears very attractive! It's a great snack to go with Japanese tea :) Whenever I visited my deceased grandpa, he gave me this snack.

Kawamichiya is long-established wagashi (Japanese-style confection) store. Their Soba Boro is very famous and my grandpa loved it. Please try whenever you have a chance to visit Kyoto!!!

Changing my story, this morning, Marunouchi line stopped again after a long time... Last time it stopped during my commuting time was in 2007. At that time, I took a taxi and that was a bad decision! So this time I waited until it recovers, and that was right!
Whew... I had a tiring morning!

Good luck to me and you all!!!

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  1. Hello Ochisan!i went to kyoto last time,and the other year,but i never heard about this cookies.looks very delicious.
    we went to inoda's coffee shop,my husband's favorite place to eat.

    another topic,during my vacation in japan,i heard some train accidents.

  2. Hi merce-san,

    I hope your hubby knows this cookie ;)

    I didn't know inoda's coffee, but it seems famous there (I found few posts about the cafe on the Net)! Did you take any photo?

    Train accidents are troublesome :(

  3. Thanks Ochisan!
    I'm sorry,but i don't have any photos this time.

  4. Once again,hello!
    I forgot,those taxi are from tokyo.

  5. Yes,her wife prepared miso soup every morning,and she used any kind of vegetables.
    and really,very delecious...but she is always ashamed,what she prepared for us.

  6. Hi Ochi,

    Your cookies sounds much like our sugar cookies here! Did the train stop just for a day, or a couple hours. I would be worried if a train stopped coming! We are cold here like in the 40's! But this weekend, will warm up to the 80's!

  7. Yes,i'm sorry,i'm wrong.
    I hope you have a good time!

  8. Hi merce-san,

    Oh, she shouldn't be ashamed...
    But great you liked them all :)

  9. Konnichiwa jo,

    You are right! They taste like sugar cookies!!! Only the difference is they are made of soba flour.

    Wow! 80s?! That's great!!!
    Our temp is going to go down... and the rain is expected... too bad :(

  10. Hello merce-san,

    Don't be sorry!!!

    I've been to the cafe and had the same thing as usual ;)

  11. Hi Ochi,
    I like to eat cookie!! I will try it only when I have chance to visit Kyoto. Maybe have to wait for many years.

  12. Hi anGeLine,

    I didn't know that you like cookies!!! What kind of cookies do you like the best? Soft ones, crispy ones, chocolate, etc...?

    I love crispy oatmeal cookies ;)


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