Friday, May 22, 2009

Kit Kat Rose

Hi! It is again nice and sunny like summer but some rain is expected this weekend. It might be a sign for the rainy season :(

Yesterday, I tried Kit Kat Rose! I sometimes try unique Kit Kat flavors when I get a chance, but most of them didn't taste good. However, beyond my expectations, this rose flavor was pretty good! A faint scent of a rose makes you feel like a princess. It has a relaxing effect, too. I think I'm gonna get this again ;)

Anyway, until how old do you think women can wear short skirts?
I'm just curious...

See ya!!!

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  1. Konnichiwa ochisan.

    Yes,you guess right.

    I know kitkat is chocolate flavor only,but when we stayed in japan last time,i saw another flavors of kitkat.but i did'nt try.
    i bought one,but it's only for omiyage.

  2. Ochi,

    You're so brave to try new things.Well,Kit Kat with rose sounds weird to me..

    Here,I still not yet found this kind of Kit kat.But maybe I will try someday since you said it tasted great.

    Do you ever try fresh milk with banana or strawberry??It sound really awful to me.Hehe

  3. Hi Ochi,

    We don't have different flavors of kit kat here. Maybe cause most of us are plain chocolate lovers!

    To tell you the truth I think women can wear short skirts as long as they look good in them! I wear short skirts with shorts in them called skorts. I love them, mine is sporty, and I wear when I want to dress up but still be casual! You look fine in short skirts! :)

  4. Hi merce-san,

    Yes. It is good for omiyage!!!
    I hope you try a different flavor next time ;)

  5. Hi jose,

    I think I was brave this time ;)
    It was weird, but pretty cool!
    I think you can find different flavors at Japanese grocery stores! Isn't there any in Singapore?!

  6. Hi jo,

    I think Japanese people make too many product lines! Sometimes fun but sometimes too much. Ha-ha!

    You know what looks nice on you!!!
    Skorts sound cool, and I can imagine you look good in those!
    Actually, on Saturday, I saw your comment before I leave home and looked for skorts. I found cool skorts at my favorite store!!! I really wanted to get one, but it wasn't at a discount price, so I didn't get it.

    I totally understand what you mean, jo ;)

  7. Ochi,

    I never noticed what flavor for what chocolate or any junk foods because I seldom eat them..

    The reason is that I scared I will be over over over weight if I still having junk foods/chocolate/ice-cream.

    But today after I go home,I will pass by the supermarket,I will definetly go and check this out.

  8. Hi jose,

    I understand what you mean. I try not to eat junk foods, as my basal metabolic rate decreases as I age...

    But you are still young!!! I envy you!!!

    Just check it out ;)


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