Monday, May 25, 2009

Vina Macatela Sangria

We got thunderstorms last night, so the air was clean and fresh this morning :)

Yesterday, I found a bottle of sangria wine at a supermarket. Usually, I make sangria from scratch, but I bought it from curiosity.

It was great!!!
I am glad that I bought it.
It doesn't contain any sugar so the flavors of fruit juice and red wine are refreshing and delicate. I think I can have a couple of glasses at a time :)

Moreover, what I like about it is this sangria is made from "organic" ingredients: orange juice, lemon juice, red grape juice, white grape juice, and red wine. The label looks different, but I think this is the official website of the wine.

It should be particularly refreshing with ice on a hot summer day. Mmmmmm!!!

Bye for now ;)

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