Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oops, Snake !!!

Sorry you all. I am posting something other than food.

Almost a week ago, my boyfriend found a snake on a path by a river, just a few seconds away from our home. Jo's Gardner snakes reminded me of this.

How scary!

But I'm glad to know that there is wilderness left in Tokyo.
Or did he escape from somewhere else?! Hope not...

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  1. Ochi,

    Talking about snake,I had this experience before too.

    Just few weeks ago,I sat in my coworker's lorry to work.I saw a really big snake in the middle of the highway.How come there will be snake there when the jungle or forest was far to be seen?

    I still don't get it until now why there was a snake there..

  2. Hello Ochisan!
    Maybe,this snake is hungry,that's why came out.

  3. Hi jose,

    That sounds scary!!!
    Me neither... I don't know why...
    I hope it won't bite us.

  4. Merce-san,


    Your country is richly endowed with nature!
    Are there many snakes!?

  5. One afternoon at 2 pm,snake visit us here,in our small garden.

    Anyway,about my post,i did'nt try.

  6. I'm sorry,i can't remember here,someone is using a cellophane for the coffee.

    but here,softdrinks are very popular for this cellophane,specially,in my high school days.

  7. Hi merce-san,

    That's why you knew well about him!

    It was interesting that you took a pic of shoes cleaner ;)

  8. Hi merce-san,

    It was very interesting to see the cellophane soft drinks! Thanks ;)

  9. Oh Wow Ochi,

    Your snake is much bigger than my gardner snakes. He reminds me of a Boa or a Python snake, but I'm really not sure of the species. I would be scared to get near that one! Nice picture! Wonder if he could be someone's pet! Have a good weekend!

  10. Really, jo!?

    Is he big?!
    I always walk along the river to go to the station, so I hope I don't see him again...


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