Friday, May 29, 2009

My Accomplishments

May is almost over. Can you believe it has been already half year since the New Year!?

Anyway, bad things also come in series. Few of my recipes nominated for promotional goods fell through :(

Shake it off!!!

I will list the rest of my accomplishments this month.

On 5/6, my "Ratatouille Hand Rolls" was introduced as an idea recipe in the newsletter published by Every Wednesday, based on a certain theme, some recipes are featured there. Thanks for selecting my recipe!

On 5/17, I won the Kurotaro award at the recipe contest organized by a black beans company called Tanba no Kurotaro. I used sweet black beans to make salty sweet "Chinese Style Simmered Chicken with Vegetables".

On 5/18, I won the prize for participation at Silargan's rice contest. Silargan is a German cookware company known for hard glass-ceramic coated cookware. I made Baked Deep-Fried Bean Curd Onigiri.

On 5/20, my "Stir-Fried Asparagus and Colorful Vegetables" was chosen to sold at a deli called Maido in Kanagawa prefecture. I am going to receive 3% of the sales, which is not a big pay but better than nothing ;)

On 5/24, two of my miso recipes received awards at a miso recipe contest held at Onogawa hot spring in Yamagata prefecture. We've just been to Yamagata few weeks ago, so it was interesting to know the contest was held at the same prefecture! The image on the left is Miso Tomato Beef Stew. I wasn't able to attend the contest, but I found a blog that posts pictures of the event.

On 5/24, my fish sausage recipe became a recipe card! I won the grand prize at Resala Fish Sausage contest last November, so that's why I got such a chance ;) I hope it is available at stores.

I don't have any image, but on 5/24, I won outstanding performance award at flavored derma contest. But actually, I don't like this food that much... Then on the same day, I won Fujiya award at orangepage (recipe site of a cookbook publishing company).

As usual, I won some sample products, too. Rose tea, dried baby sardines, green juice, hot salsa, vinegar, laxative product, placenta product, and curry roux. It is sometimes nice to get things for free by entering giveaways.

We're expecting rain here until Saturday night... Too bad. Tonight I have a plan to go out with my co-worker... I hope the rain stops by evening!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Konban wa Ochi,

    You know I was thinking you need to make a cookbook and make money off your book. You are giving all your recipes away for free. Wonderful you are getting a commision on your stirfry vegetables, too bad not more money there! Hey you need to open your own restaurant, I bet you would be so popular with your food. As usual I wish I could sample them all!

  2. They all look so delicious.

  3. Konnichiwa jo,

    I wish I could make a cookbook!!!
    But the reality is tough... there are too many people who cook like me.
    I think I need to seek the way to differentiate my work.

    I will do my best, jo!
    I think there is still hope if I don't give up ;)

  4. Hi John,

    Thank you ;)
    Your dishes look delicious, too!!!


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