Thursday, May 28, 2009


Have you ever tried nikuman?
I believe jose and anGeLine know this well!

Nikuman is a steamed bun made from flour dough, usually filled with cooked ground pork. In winter in Japan, you can find nikuman at convenience stores. They are steamed at stores near the cash register. There are many different fillings: pizza, curry, gyoza, seafood, char siu (Chinese-style barbecued pork), yakisoba, kimchi (Korean pickle), etc... Sometimes you can find strange ones like chocolate or pudding! I have never tried them, though...

The image above is packed nikuman (pork and seafood) which my mom bought me as souvenirs when she went to Chinatown in Yokohama. You can microwave it as-is (packaged)! How convenient!!! Both pork and seafood were juicy and delicious ;)

As predicted, it started to rain from today...
Hope it stops by the weekend...

Yay! I have hula class tonight!

Take care!!!

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  1. We called us here siopao.
    we had our owned favorite flavors also,like pork and mongo,etc.
    and i went to yokohama china town also,but my husband,does'nt want to eat there.

    And about my post,love to eat.
    one morning,i cooked egg.when i cracked and leave it,something like this formed.

    Kabuhayang pinoy post,sometime.
    it's not a taxi,but a kind of ride,that me and my husband are so scared about this motor.

    my simple shots also,i took a picture of this calamansi fruit(sour fruit) with this insect.
    but the insect noticed me,and hiding under the leaves.

    I'm sorry ochisan,my explanation is too english is very poor.

    thank you so much!
    for your kindness.
    happy thursday!

  2. Thank you for your explanations merce-san,

    Don't be sorry!!!
    I am learning from you a lot about your country!!!

    I didn't know that it is also called siopao! Very interesting :)

  3. Ochi,

    Yup,I recognised Nikuman..hehe.Every Chinese ate this before.We called it 'Pao' only..but depend on it's flavors.

    E.g.char siu-we called it 'char siu pao'.

    Here,we had different flavors.

    E.g.char siu,corn,pork,chicken,veges,custard,red bean,black sesame....

    I like vege flavor..I think of something wanted to tell you.

    Malaysia,KL sell another types of Nikuman,called 'Yeap Zhi Mei Dai Pao'.Yeap Zhi Mei is a actress in Hong Kong and she had a very big boobs.Dai Pao mean big Nikuman.So,KL 's people think that wanted to get some interesting name for the pao.This is how the name came.Hehe..

    My explanation really sucks...

  4. Hi Ochi,

    We have similar kind of food here with pepperoni rolls, you can pretty much put anything you want in them! Seafood sounds really good to me! We're expecting rain here too today, nice tommorrow, rain again Saturday!

  5. Hi jose,

    Very interesting to know how to use "pao"!!!
    Custard sounds better than pudding. Ha-ha!

    >>'Yeap Zhi Mei Dai Pao'
    This is funny!
    Nice you explained it to me ;)
    But those for men, right?! Ha-ha!!!

  6. Hi jo,

    Pepperoni rolls look similar :)
    Every country has similar kind of idea!

    It is raining here again... I hope the weather clears up X(

  7. I'm sorry for my very late reply,sometimes,i'm really busy.

    Before i'm really afraid of japanese food to eat.
    but now,not everything,specially raw foods.

    Good Morning Ochisan!

  8. Hi merce-san,

    I know you are busy! So do I, so don't worry!!!

    Good for you!!!
    I hope you come to Japan again ;)


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