Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Drinking :)

I was slightly drunk yesterday, while cooking.
I don't drink every day nor do I drink in the kitchen, but I had to use the apricot wine (Shinluchu) for my recipe, so I had to taste it. The wine was fruity and refreshing! It was more delicious than I expected.

After a while, I was slightly drunk, and surprisingly, I was in good form! I had many deadlines due May 31st, but I could finish them within a time frame!!! My work came out pretty good, too.

Don't you think sometimes you get the idea for your art while drinking?!

I don't want to depend on drinking, so I don't recommend it, though...

Anyway, it is already June! Time flies!!!
I hope there is no rain this week...

Bye for now :)

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  1. Ochi,

    I can't believe you drunk while cooking..Cool,man!! Haha..

    I never try apricot wine before.Sound fruity to me..

    I do think while you're relaxing you will get more idea from what you're doing.So,next time if you try to figure out some good recipes,drink some wine.

    Indeed a good idea!

  2. Hi jose,

    Are you writing from Malaysia?!
    Thanks ;)

    The apricot wine wasn't that sweet!
    I don't like sweet wine, so believe me!!!
    I want you to try it out someday :)

    You are right. I think I felt relaxed while drinking.
    I need to relax my shoulders to get the idea for my work.

    Glad to hear from you, anyway!

  3. Hi Ochi,

    Nice to let go once in awhile.

    They say here that a glass a red wine a day is good for you!

    I don't drink much, people and life in general inspire me!

  4. Right, jo!

    Once in a while is good.

    I think you live in a really nice place without feeling pressure.
    I envy you!!!

    But like you said before, it is nice to live in the city when young.
    I always have mixed feelings. Ha-ha!!!


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