Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WITTAMER: Chocolat avec Macadamia

Hi! It is sunny like summer today, but again, some rain is expected this weekend :( I hate the rainy season...

Like jose, I try not to buy any sweet treat for myself! But for good or bad, my mom gave me a box of macadamia chocolate cookies!!!

WITTAMER is a pretty famous pastry shop in Japan from Belgium. The company operates storefronts in department stores nationwide. Chocolat avec Macadamia is a chocolate coated cookie with crushed macadamia nuts. The cookie is crisp and the chocolate is rich, creamy and mild. Mmmmmm!!! It isn't that sweet, so I can eat several pieces at once X( Oh boy! I shouldn't keep them within my reach!!!


Whew. I'm full!
I've just been out to have a lunch at my favorite cafe with my co-workers of the same age! It was fun ;)

Have a good day!!!

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  1. Wow,your mom is soooo sweet!

    have a nice day ochisan!

  2. Ochi,

    My mum definetly will not gave me chocolate as a present because she always said I'm OVER WEIGHT..


    Your mum was so nice..

  3. Hi Ochi,

    You know I love chocolate, and I also love macadamia nuts! The two together are a wonderful combination! I mostly just like chocolate pieces or bars! I treat myself to dark chocolate once in awhile!

  4. Hi merce-san,

    I forgot to add a few words!
    My mom got it from her friend and she gave it to me. Ha-ha ;)

  5. Hi jose,

    You don't look overweight, jose!!!

    Like I wrote to merce-san, it was a gift she received.
    I think my mom just didn't want to eat all by herself.

  6. Hi jo,

    Yes! I know you love chocolate and macadamia nuts! So do I!!!
    Dark chocolate contains more polyphenols, so I love it in the way it is beneficial to health ;)

  7. Hahaha!
    Mom's always give us the best.

  8. Hello merce-san,

    She is wise! Ha-ha.


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