Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cherry Wine

Hi there!

What's your favorite type of wine?

I love red wine since the polyphenol contained is beneficial to our health!

However, I sometimes try other type of wine when I find it interesting!

Before the flight back to Tokyo (from Yamagata), my boyfriend and I arrived at the airport with time to spare, so we had a small bottle of wine at cafe. We chose to have dry white wine rather than red for a change. Refreshing sourness and the aroma of muscatel were well balanced! It was a right choice ;)

Also, we bought a cherry wine for our souvenir to try out! Don't you think the bottle is cute?! It is 100% sour cherry wine which is local specialty of Yamagata prefecture. I didn't have expectations for taste, but it had a light, fruity taste and was easy to drink!

We have early summer weather today. The high is 78F (26C). How nice ;)

Let's enjoy our day!

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