Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Drink More Than You Can Handle!!!

You know I'm a cheap date. But actually, I don't know how much my boyfriend can drink. Whenever we go out drinking, he is temperate in drinking. He never gets drunk. However, if he gets a drink after work with his co-workers he gets tanked up and misses the last train too often!!! And what is worse, he did it again yesterday and came home at dawn! What the heck is he doing?!?!

I couldn't sleep well at night for worry since his phone was out the service area, so I woke up late! In addition, I forgot my iPod at home... At work, there was a call from a customer who needs a help for about half an hour! Damn! It's not my day!!!

We have a lot of alcohol at home. I received some wines, liqueurs, shochus, and sakes! Also those beers have arrived. He can drink at home, you know!!! I understand drinking out is something different, though...

Anyway, I won't forgive him yet!

Tonight I have hula class.
I hope my mood gets better by this evening X(

Good luck!!!

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  1. Ah, he still go out frequently?

    I am not huge fan of drinking outside.
    But, some people loves to go out. So, I guess he is one of them.

    You should really check Engel's coefficient of his against his income though. Bar tab tend to get expensive if he is frequent go outer.

  2. Hi hide-san,

    I know what you mean. I believe he is not a binge drinker...

    Do you think once a week is a lot?! I can't shut him away from society, so I don't know what to say.

    He just needs to know how much alcohol he can handle. You know!?

  3. Wow,Ochi..You do had lots of wines at home.

    Well,men always do something that will made us angry and sad and worry.This is men's behaviour!

    I knew you will worry about your boyfriend.Same with me,if this happen I will be very agnry too!

    So,I knew your feeling.But don't angry too long.Your boyfriend maybe will do or buy something to make you happy back.Haha..

  4. Once a week is probably within social norm in corporate Japanese life. 

    If he works as independent owner of business or being author/artist, then it is entirely different story. But, for salaried man in Japan, I would say, once a week is within boundary.

    So, as long as he let you know where exactly he is, you really should not restrain him.

    He ought to give indication if he is planning to return in the morning though...

  5. Hi jose,

    I think I have luck in winning alcohol. Last year, I kept on winning dashi broth products... I wish I have a luck in winning cash! Ha-ha!!!

    You are an adult! I know what you mean... but I can't stop worrying... Imagine if there are girls... I don't want to rag on him so I don't want to ask who he is with all the time but I worry when he is late without letting me know that.

    But yes... I need to forgive him. I just finished my hula class and I feel aloha! Thanks to the class! Ha-ha :)

  6. Hide-san,

    I'm glad you said so! I want to believe it is within social norm.

    I think I should better know where he is in detail. Plus who he is with. I don't want to annoy him, but just in case he missed the last train... Our last train is at about 12:30, so I know it is difficult if you go out to drink after overtime work.

    After his affair (might be my misconception...) I am fussy X( I need to be nice to him!

  7. Ochi,

    I knew how you felt.Previously,Ken did something made me very sad too.Did I told you before??

    He went out with my friend without telling me the truth.

    But after a few explanation,I tried to forgive him.He said he won't do the mistake again and until now he acted quite okay.

    I knew others maybe will think I'm stupid and will became tired of him but I believe he will change.At least now he treated me well and love me more everyday.

    We do had fight sometimes but everything getting well after that.What I want to express is everything can be discuss and settle,so Ochi please don't get too worry.Maybe you can try to mention this matter to your boyfriend,asking for some improvement from him..

    Anyway,this is just my experience and I would like to share with you.


  8. Hi jose,

    Thanks for your advice! I think I read about Ken before on your post... now I understand how you felt!

    You are such a nice girl. I wish I could forgive him immediately. Now I think I can, but it takes time at that moment.

    I always talk whatever I think to my bf. I know he is sick of hearing my worries but like you say, I believe everything gets better later on in this way!!!

    I'll do my best, jose! Thanks!!!

  9. Hi Ochi,

    I surely know what you're going through, I spent a lot of my married life dealing with this behavior. Not to the extend of his staying out all night, but keeping very late hours.

    I'm very much like you, not very forgiving of certain situations. At least your boyfriend isn't driving while intoxicated. I always worry about drunk drivers here. There are big fines now for that!

    Is there not a place your boyfriend can go close to home, so he can go out and be home at a decent hour! Men will be men, and I've always had a deep down mistrust, especially when drunk!

    Good luck in putting your relationsship in order! I don't have much respect for extreme druckiness, due to bad experiences in my life at a young age!

    Give him heck!

  10. Hello jo,

    Sounds like we all have similar problems...

    Drunk driving is scary. I understand how much you worry. Luckily, we don't have a car but I sometimes worry if he could come straight home or not X(

    No... he always hangs out with his co-workers close to his workplace :( I know what you mean by "when drunk"! He always promises to call me or come home early, but he seldom keeps a promise while drinking...

    It is funny that sometimes he tries to hide things from me. I know I am fussy but I wish he doesn't do that!


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