Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't Drink More Than You Can Handle!!!

You know I'm a cheap date. But actually, I don't know how much my boyfriend can drink. Whenever we go out drinking, he is temperate in drinking. He never gets drunk. However, if he gets a drink after work with his co-workers he gets tanked up and misses the last train too often!!! And what is worse, he did it again yesterday and came home at dawn! What the heck is he doing?!?!

I couldn't sleep well at night for worry since his phone was out the service area, so I woke up late! In addition, I forgot my iPod at home... At work, there was a call from a customer who needs a help for about half an hour! Damn! It's not my day!!!

We have a lot of alcohol at home. I received some wines, liqueurs, shochus, and sakes! Also those beers have arrived. He can drink at home, you know!!! I understand drinking out is something different, though...

Anyway, I won't forgive him yet!

Tonight I have hula class.
I hope my mood gets better by this evening X(

Good luck!!!

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