Tuesday, July 21, 2009


After so long, we've been to Midori-zushi yesterday!
Actually, we didn't have a chance to eat unagi (eel) on "Doyou no Ushi no Hi" (7/19), so we decided to have sushi for dinner! I don't like unagi, so my target was anago (conger eel). He-he ;)

As I wrote before, Midori-zushi is very famous for delicious low price sushi and there is always a huge line in front! (They have menu in English down on this page!) We've been to Midori-zushi located in Shibuya for many times, but first time in Futako Tamagawa! Every time when we get there, there are more than 50 individuals or groups waiting so we ended up eating at other restaurants. However, good thing about this location is that they give you a numbered ticket, so you can go shopping and come back later. Many people take advantage of it, so you have to wait for more than 1
hour though X( This time, we went there to get the ticket at around 17:00, so we could be seated after 18:00!

Seasonal fish (bonito) salad was great! Also, I liked roasted saury and roasted tuna sushi. Their "sushi neta" (fish) is huge and delicious. Laver paste sushi was surprisingly yummy! Of course I had anago ;)

We also had a couple of drinks but our total was only 5000yen ($50). What a great value! I wish I could go there again soon!

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