Thursday, August 20, 2009


Do you like avocado? I love it! But it is not easy to guess a green and creamy one at stores. However, the supermarket called "Seijo Ishii" has a special avocado that you never pick the bad one! It costs 2 bucks per avocado (twice as much as the one sold at regular supermarkets), but worth to pay for it! I mean, better than getting the bad one once in a while!

We are blessed with fine weather almost daily. I want to have a patio dining someday soon before the summer ends!

Tonight is the hula class! I brought my new pa'u skirt today!!!

Aloha :)

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  1. Cost around 200 yen each is expensive.
    Avocado is generally good for health.
    So, it is good to eat pretty often.

    We had hot weather for past few day in White Plains NY, but it supposed to ease a bit over weekend.

  2. Ochi,

    Do you believe I never try avocado before??I don't know how it taste..too bad!

    I have no idea how I'm going to eat to eat or eat together with what???

  3. I love avacados too Ochi, but like you I hate to purchase at the store for fear they are not good!

    I think stores need to reimburse you if food is bad! I took a watermelon back this summer, it was not ripe and I paid $6.00.

    I spend a lot of money on food, so I feel that merchandise should be good quality. Yet sometimes the stores don't even know what is inside! The big thing is I must travel a good way to get to the store, to shop and exchange! Sometimes not worth the gas! :)

  4. Good morning ochisan!

    I loved avocado shake...
    sometimes,i made for our drinks.
    and you're right,hard to choose,this is good or not.

  5. Hi Ochi,

    I love avocados too! So yummy. Actually went out to dinner tonight and had a chicken salad...and had a few slices of avocado in it. Hmmm, but the avocado wasn't as ripe as I would have wanted it.


  6. Hi Hide-san,

    Is avocado that good for health?! Then I should eat more!!!
    It's still hot in Japan. This hot weather will last until the end of next month. Anyway, I can't believe August is almost end!!!

  7. Hi jose,

    Have you ever tried California roll? That has Avocado in it.

    You can pour dressing over avocado like you eat salad, too!

  8. Hi jo,

    Yes! I know what you mean... watermelon was a hard work. I'm sorry to hear that.

    Stores here are pretty close, so I can walk back to there. Also, some stores comes to your home by car to exchange!

  9. Hi merce-san,

    Avocado shake is delicious! I love it, too!!!
    I want to try your's someday!!!

  10. Hi Jenn,

    Chicken salad with avocado sounds yummy!!! But that was too bad :( I once had that kind of experience, so I know how you feel! Restaurants should better emphasize the quality.


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