Monday, August 31, 2009

Crazy Business!!!

I got home from the hula class at around 14:30. It wasn't raining hard at that time. But I just saw on the news that the typhoon #11 is going to hit Chiba area (close to Tokyo) full force at 15:00 (now) and get close to Tokyo area during rush hours!!! It is going to be accompanied by heavy rain till tomorrow afternoon, receiving up to 80 millimeters of rain!!! I closed all shutters... whew... But my bf have to make the rounds to Odaiba in this rain. What a crazy business! Are they really watching the news?! My co-worker just e-mailed me and said he might not be able to go home because it will hit his area at finishing time. Some companies let people go home now to be on the safe side. I think companies should take it more serious... or am I exaggerating things?!

I think I was right that I happened to take a day off today!!!

Please be careful and go home safe!!!

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