Monday, August 31, 2009

Typhoon #11

Typhoon #11 is approaching and it is on its way to Tokyo by this afternoon... but today I took a day off and need to go out... plus I wanted to attend the hula class from noon... I hope it comes late.

Anyway, on Saturday my boyfriend and I attended my friend's wedding after party. It was for the first time in 3 years to see her! I will post about it later if I could come home without any trouble ;)

On the same day, I happened to see Aso Taro (the Prime Minister of Japan) making a street speech for the election at the Kamakura station! It was an election day yesterday, so that is why.

Okay, see you later!!!

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  1. There will be more Typhoons in the future. Mother Earth is dying along with humanity. We have exploited it so much. We have abused her with atomic explosions that it is unstable. Global warning is killing her.

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  2. They should give the Typhoons names like how the hurricanes in the United States are given name.

    And Loro needs to relax. The end of the world is not coming anytime soon.

  3. Hi loro,

    I know what you mean. We need to protect against natural disasters since they are unpredictable. I sometimes get nervous when I have too much time like this day, waiting for my boyfriend at home... I should better keep myself busy or what...

  4. Hi Tornadoes28,

    Right! That is true! Numbers are sometimes hard to understand. But Japanese names sound weird. Ha-ha!

    There would be no end if we think of natural disasters... so yes, maybe we should relax sometimes. Thanks ;)


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