Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Much Rice Do You Eat Every Day?

How much rice do you eat every day?
Since my boyfriend doesn't prefer to eat bread or pasta, we mostly eat rice at home (for breakfast and dinner). I cook about 2 cups of rice per day. We consume about 5kg (11lbs) of rice per month!

Yesterday, I found a bag of rice (5kg) on sale at 1,200yen ($12)! The original price was 2,400yen ($24), so it is a good one!!! I mean, I bought this rice recently and was really good!!! Mostly 5kg costs about 2,000yen ($20). Once in a while, you can find it at 1,500yen ($15) but usually the rice is random when it's cheap :( Anyway, I ended up not buying it because I had too much luggage with me... But I thought I should have bought it because I knew the softness of that rice is perfect when I cook with my rice cooker! The rice sometimes gets really soft depending on conditions (temperature, amount of water, and the rice itself), so it is kind of hard to find the rice you want every season. Even the same brand doesn't always have the same softness. You know what I mean?!

I think I wrote too much about rice. Never mind!

See you again ;)

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    I used to eat a lot of rice, especially in my childhood with my mom! Now I make it once in awhile, mostly for me and my daughter!

    I'd eat more rice, but I like white rice. White rice seems to not digest in my system well, and I don't like the wild rice much!

    I'll have to maybe try a white wild rice! Possibly you can do a post of the different types of rice! Rice has also gone up here!

    I know what you mean by the softness, you know I cook mine in Farberware teflon coated sauce pan! The pans have cooked my rice to perfection.

  2. Ochi,

    Wow,you can remember the rice's price.I can't remember the price nor the brand too.

    Normally,I ate rice once a day.Sometimes 2 days once.Rice made me fat.Hehe..But Ken ate rice everyday.He think that only rice can make him full and energetic.While I more prefer noodles or rice vermicell or bread.


  3. Hi jo,

    Wow! I've never heard of wild rice! Is that the long one? Maybe we don't find it in Japan. But speaking of colored rice, there are many differnt kinds in Japan! Yes. I can post about them someday ;)

    You know what!? I always depend on my rice cooker and haven't cooked rice in a pan for ages!!! Maybe I can try someday ;)

  4. Hi jose,

    Yep! I remember the prices ;)

    My boyfriend says the same thing! He says breads don't really make him full. Ha-ha!!!

    But you know what!? I heard that the rice won't makes us fat. It has less insulin secretion than bread, potato, or other carbs! So, we'd better eat rice but watch the other carbs!

    Have you ever tried brown rice? That's rich in dietary fiber and treats constipation! I sometimes eat that instead of white rice :)

  5. I eat a lot of rice almost every day because my wife makes it all the time. I love Japanese rice.

  6. Hi Tornadoes28,

    I always thought you are in Japan! Ha-ha! You are in CA, right!? Is your wife Japanese?! You know the tastes of the Japanese people ;D

  7. Ochi,

    I tried brown rice before.And yes,I knew that brown rice are more healthier than white rice.

    But brown rice sizes are bigger than normal rice,right?

  8. Hi jose,

    I don't think that big. Maybe a little bit, though :)

    By the way, there are many different kinds of cereal rice in Japan. Red rice and black rice are cool! You cook with white rice and the rice become pink ;D

  9. Hi Ochi!

    I love to eat rice too, but I find that I am more heavy when I eat a lot of rice, so I try to it very little of it.

    Hubby likes the various carbs but still prefers rice the most.

    I have tried brown rice but do it like it as much.

    Our favorite rice is Thai jasmine rice and Japanese rice. Like cooking it in rice cooker cuz so convenient. But the rice comes out nicer when I cook it with gohan donabe.

    Have a good weekend!


  10. Hi Jenn,

    Really!? Maybe eating too much is not good. I try to eat only one bowl of rice. Not more than that!

    I love Thai rice, too! It goes nice with coconut flavored Thai curry. Mmm, yummy!!!

    Do you cook rice with nabe?! Actually I've never done that!!! Sounds cool!

    I need to get a bag of rice again this weekend! It goes quick!!!


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