Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Much Rice Do You Eat Every Day?

How much rice do you eat every day?
Since my boyfriend doesn't prefer to eat bread or pasta, we mostly eat rice at home (for breakfast and dinner). I cook about 2 cups of rice per day. We consume about 5kg (11lbs) of rice per month!

Yesterday, I found a bag of rice (5kg) on sale at 1,200yen ($12)! The original price was 2,400yen ($24), so it is a good one!!! I mean, I bought this rice recently and was really good!!! Mostly 5kg costs about 2,000yen ($20). Once in a while, you can find it at 1,500yen ($15) but usually the rice is random when it's cheap :( Anyway, I ended up not buying it because I had too much luggage with me... But I thought I should have bought it because I knew the softness of that rice is perfect when I cook with my rice cooker! The rice sometimes gets really soft depending on conditions (temperature, amount of water, and the rice itself), so it is kind of hard to find the rice you want every season. Even the same brand doesn't always have the same softness. You know what I mean?!

I think I wrote too much about rice. Never mind!

See you again ;)

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