Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jasmine Thai

Hi! The weather is nice outside again :D

Today I'm gonna go out to eat lunch at an authentic Thai restaurant called "Jasmine Thai" with my co-workers. I can't wait!!!

I brought my camera with me, so I will post what I had later ;)

I think jose and merce-san knows this vegetable. I had a stir-fried "空心菜" (water spinach)! It was simple but delicious with thai spices! Mmmmmmmmmm :D My co-workers had salmon cooked in coconut sauce and stir-fried minced chicken. I tried them all and were great!!!

What was your lunch today?!

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  1. Can't wait to see the Thai food pics. I love Thai food.

    Enjoy your meal.


  2. Hi Jenn,

    I checked their web and I know what I want! Hope my choice is right!!! Ha-ha ;)

  3. Oooh, I see pictures of fried egg atop rice. That was one of my favorite dish to eat when I was a little girl-

    I hope you have a very pleasant meal, it sounds like it will be fun!

  4. Hi Theda,

    Thanks for stopping by!
    I love fried egg on top, too. It makes spicy food mild and delicious!

    Yes. It is fun to go out for lunch once in a while ;) I usually eat lunch at desk browsing Internet. Ha-ha!!!

  5. Oh, "空心菜" (water spinach) is one of my fav veggies. Yum!
    The other dishes look good too. I could eat a fried egg now for breakfast...too bad, since I already ate my breakfast of oatmeal this morning. Maybe I will cook myself a fried egg for snack later....


  6. Hi Jenn,

    You know this veggie!? Cool!!!
    Oatmeal sounds yummy! I love it :D
    So, did you have it for snack?!

  7. Ochi,

    I knew that green veges,but don't know their real name.My mum often cooked this veges for us because they are really cheap in our hometown.

    I never knew that Japan had those veges too.Cool!!

  8. Hi jose,

    Is that cheap in your area?! Here it's expensive!

    I wish I could try your mom's dishes using this veggie!

  9. Ochi,

    Yup,this veges are very cheap in my hometown.We can get a bundle for RM1 only..

    2 bundle is enough for average 6-8 persons.Super cheap,right?

    This is because we can get this veges easily in my hometown.

  10. Hi Ochi,

    Nope, I did not end up making a fried egg....was lazy to turn on the stove again....but made a small pot of soup instead which I snacked on all day long. Had some mushrooms, leeks, carrots and onions simmered with some beans. I had chopped all the ingredients very early in the morning as I didn't sleep well the night before...

  11. Kombanwa ochisan.

    Yes,really i know this.
    during my childhood days,i always planting this,and selling to my neighbours.
    and we called it here kangkong.
    we loved to eat this like,salad,fried,soup,etc.
    and also,i like very much the thai style.super yummy...

  12. Hi jose,

    Really?! That's real cheap!!!
    Your mom should know many recipes for it ;)
    How do you like it cooked?!
    I envy you!!!

  13. Hi Jenn,

    Ha-ha! I know! I sometimes get lazy, too, especially when cooking something for myself!!!
    Your soup sounds really healthy :)
    What made you sleepless?!

  14. Hi merce-san,

    Wow! Did you grow and sell it?! Amazing!!!
    You know many recipes for it, don't you?!
    I wish I could try all your dishes. Yummy!!!


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