Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lunch @ Ohachi

This is something about yesterday.

I was off from work, so I saw my boyfriend in Shibuya after the hula class to have lunch together. He had an idea to take me to a restaurant, but he forgot where it was, so we just happened to enter the restaurant called "Ohachi".

They serve healthy homestyle dishes. What I had was white fish fries and vegetables simmered in thick dashi broth. It comes with white rice, but you can change it to 16 cereal rice, which is cool! You know I love healthy food :)

Okay, I need to make another post for today, which is a big culinary news!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    How long was your boyfriend lunch time???

    Normaly here we only been given 1 hour so ended up rushing for lunch.

    But I can felt that you and your boyfriend can still enjoyed lunch well..

  2. Hi jose,

    Thanks for commenting on every single posts!!!
    Our lunch time is about an hour.
    Yep! So, we rushed! But we had a good time ;)

  3. Yesterday,i cooked this 16 kinds rice.
    and where this place exactly in shibuya?my husband has a difficulty to find this kind of restaurant,specially in shibuya.

    really,very difficult for us.
    thanks for your replies in-advance!

  4. Hi merce-san,

    Yes. It is in Shibuya. I hope you can go there the next time ;)

    Sorry for my late reply!


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