Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Rice Ball at am/pm! (私のおにぎりがam/pmで本日発売されました♪)

My "Black Gomoku Rice Ball" which won the highest award at the cereal rice recipe contest is now commercialized and sold at am/pm (convenience stores) from today!!!

This rice ball "Kurogomoku Onigiri" will be available at 128yen ($1.28) at am/pm in Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu area for a month from 9/29. The rice is cooked with 5 black-colored ingredients: black pork (which is a local specialty in Kagoshima prefecture), sliced tangle (kind of seaweed), forbidden rice (black cereal rice), black sesame, and dried shitake mushroom. The dashi of sliced tangle and dried shitake mushroom bring out added flavor! Mmm :)

Let me write in Japanese, too ;)
9月29日(火)から約1ヶ月、関東・関西・九州のam/pmにて販売されています。 黒豚,昆布,黒米,椎茸,黒胡麻など黒い素材を使った黒尽くしのおにぎりです。 椎茸と昆布の旨味が詰まって味わい深く仕上がっています。 見かけたら是非試してみてください!

I found it at am/pm this morning. It was fabulicious! He-he ;D Some of my co-workers could get it but it has sold out really quick! Thank you!!!

Anyway, thank you for your encouragement.
I'll continue doing my best!!!

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