Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pullman Bakery

Pullman Bakery is a bakery in Hokkaido, Sapporo city. They use only natural and fine quality ingredients without artificial additives and are particular about making healthy home-made breads. The bakery has won twice at TV CHAMPION (popular variety show that hosts contests in different genres).

Last week, my mom went to the Hokkaido food exhibition organized in a department store (Isetan) and bought us Pullman Bakery's curry bun and chikuwa (fish sausage) bun.

Curry bun (in front) is crispy outside and has a sweet and spicy curry with potato chunks in it. Chikuwa bun (at the back) is a danish bread. Tuna paste was in Chikuwa, which makes it tasty and easy to eat.

My boyfriend liked the curry bun. He said curry itself is delicious, so that's why the bun is good! That's true ;)

Do you eat bun? What kind do you like?

Anyway, last night, I again ate out with my boyfriend... We had a healthy meal, but I should cook at home today for sure!

Let's eat home :D

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