Monday, September 7, 2009

Tokyo Midtown Deutsch Bier Garten

The weather was clear on the weekend, so we went to Deutsch Bier Garten in Tokyo Midtown!

Under the blue sky, we had Hofbräuhaus München's good quality draft beer along with authentic German dishes! My boyfriend and I shared 3 kinds of beer.
- Hofbräu Münchner Weisse: sharp & spicy refreshing taste
- Hofbräu Original: bright taste
- Hofbräu Dunkel: mellow dark beer
They all went great with German sausages!!!

While having a beer, we enjoyed Alpine music performed by Edelweisskapelle with Maria. The cowbell music was really amazing! My boyfriend took a video of it!

The Deutsch Bier Garten is open till September 13, so I hope you have a chance to go there!

After that, we walked around Roppongi. We found a nice open-air cafe restaurant called Del Sole to have a light dinner. We shared a pizza with 3 different toppings. I had a sparkling red wine called "Quercioli Reggiano Lambrusco Secco", which was mild and refreshing!

The weather today is nice, too, and we expect many clear days this week. I found a nice Hawaiian restaurant yesterday. I want to dine there with my boyfriend someday soon. I will write a report when I went there!!!

See you again ;)

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  1. Ochi,

    You had a nice enjoyable and relaxing.You love beer??

    Your pizza seem delicious..

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Kombanwa Ochisan.

    I'm glad to know,that your relationship are getting had so much fun,while you hangout together.
    you are already positive thinker.

    anyway,i'm not surprise if you can drink,even how many cans or bottled of beers,because i know in japan it's just a normal.

  3. Again

    i'm really happy for you:)

  4. Hi jose,

    Nope! I don't usually drink beer. Ha-ha!!!
    I think I enjoyed because I was with my boyfriend ;D

    Yes. Pizza was great, too.
    You, too. Enjoy your day!!!
    I should visit your blog today since I missed few of your new posts ;)

  5. Hi merce-san,

    Your name is Anonymous but I know you are merce-san ;)
    Hmm... I am trying to be calm... but I am still naggy, to tell the truth. I know I should stop. I just don't write on my post since I don't want to take it serious.
    I hope time will ease my temper.

    I think it depends. Ha-ha!
    I can't drink that much. Maybe only 2 cans...

  6. Merce-san,

    But yes, I am happier than before :D

  7. How's your mood today?it's good?

    That's good my friend,move on...tommorow is another day.

    i'm not a nagger wife,but i have a nagger hubby.hehehe!

    Anyway,sometimes i forgot to write my name.thanks for being my friend!

    really,only 2 cans?but anyway that's good for you too.

    before i forgot,my love to eat post.

    "Do you find this everywhere like this? Interesting!!!
    no,but,i went to my parents house last sunday,and i saw this marang tree in my neighbours house.

    Merienda is a spanish words of snacks.

  8. Hi merce-san,

    Yes, good because the weather is nice. Simple! Ha-ha!!!

    You are right. Tomorrow is another day!

    Thanks for those replies ;)


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