Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bistro AGuRi Shibuya

Last night, it was freezing cold and raining hard because of the Typhoon #20. Luckily, it passed away while we are sleeping, so we have clear blue sky this morning :D

Anyway, I am sorry for those who read my diary yesterday. I saved it as a draft since I made some people worry about us. I received some e-mail messages... I'm so sorry!!! We are doing fine. We just fight once in a while...

On Friday night, my boyfriend took me to a nice Izakaya called "Bistro AGuRi" in Shibuya. Their grapefruit sour with pulp was really delicious. I loved it's natural taste. Also, all dishes were simple but tasty! I liked the way they fully use the freshness of the ingredients. We had, salad, yakiniku, egg stir-fried tomato and fish sausage, and dumpling soup.

I have some more to write, but will continue tomorrow ;)

See ya!

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  1. Ochi,

    You 2 were fine now??Sometimes,Ken and I fight too..but we normally angry for a while only.Hope you 2 too.

    I was so jealous with you sometimes,Ichi.Both of you know how to enjoy life.Dining out was a really great idea for couple,I think.

    While dining,we can share our thoughts and idea with each others.In this way,we will understand more for each others,right?

  2. Hi jose,

    Yes. We fight just for a while... I'm sorry if you get worried about us. You know... sometimes you want to write about the fight to forget!

    Like you, I think dining out together is important for a change. Staying at home all the time is sometimes a stres because one person should cook and clean up. I didn't always write about that before but we kept on doing this at least once a week. I believe this kept us stay together for 6 years.

    You are super right!

  3. Hello Ochi,

    I especially liked your meal here. Dumpling soup sounds so good! I have to make it down to the oriental store soon. I'm dying to make shitake mushroom soup!

    It's raining here, but the weather is not bad, rather warm really!

  4. Hi jo,

    Yep! I know you love shitake mushroom soup!!! I hope I have a recipe for it.

    I hate rain but warmer is better!


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