Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bistro AGuRi Shibuya

Last night, it was freezing cold and raining hard because of the Typhoon #20. Luckily, it passed away while we are sleeping, so we have clear blue sky this morning :D

Anyway, I am sorry for those who read my diary yesterday. I saved it as a draft since I made some people worry about us. I received some e-mail messages... I'm so sorry!!! We are doing fine. We just fight once in a while...

On Friday night, my boyfriend took me to a nice Izakaya called "Bistro AGuRi" in Shibuya. Their grapefruit sour with pulp was really delicious. I loved it's natural taste. Also, all dishes were simple but tasty! I liked the way they fully use the freshness of the ingredients. We had, salad, yakiniku, egg stir-fried tomato and fish sausage, and dumpling soup.

I have some more to write, but will continue tomorrow ;)

See ya!

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